[Parts] PPSH-41 Russian Parts Kit $649.00

[Parts] PPSH-41 Russian Parts Kit $649.00


[Parts] PPSH-41 Russian Parts Kit $649.00

11 reviews for [Parts] PPSH-41 Russian Parts Kit $649.00

  1. Two_Shekels

    Any of those kits they’re selling actually worth buying or are they going to be virtually impossible to complete?

  2. TheRenownWolf

    Look how they massacred my boi

  3. thetallgiant

    So youre saying I should have bought that kit I saw at an auction that went for 200?


  4. pantlesspuma

    I’m pretty sure these are just resold from bowman arms. I need someone to build one of these for me. Ha

  5. ShrekMemes420

    Best gun in World at War.

  6. Grippingfall

    I’m pretty sure these were sub 250$ like right before covid.

  7. secretmuffin

    What is needed to finish this?

    Edit: one would need to SBR this? Or am I wrong?

  8. InfiniteWalrus09

    Looks cool. Honestly I’d be down if I had any idea what I’m doing.

  9. alltheblues

    Perfect for running around pretending to be Reznov

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