[Parts] Polymer80 PF9SS Glock 43. $70+$11 flat rate ship

[Parts] Polymer80 PF9SS Glock 43. $70+$11 flat rate ship


[Parts] Polymer80 PF9SS Glock 43. $70+$11 flat rate ship

14 reviews for [Parts] Polymer80 PF9SS Glock 43. $70+$11 flat rate ship

  1. pardonmyglock

    I’d make one of these if the price of slides+parts didn’t surpass the cost of a new 43. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Curious_Joke

    Dack is terrible. Don’t count on seeing these anytime soon or having your order cancelled.

  3. BrambleVale3

    Good news is Dack’s shipping is so slow that by the time it gets delivered the price of G43 parts will be back to normal.

  4. siniquezu

    Question is if it’s in stock…

  5. MuchoBALLS

    Dack is g2g but slow.

    Parts have been restocked more frequently the slides are probably the hardest to get. On gunjoker there were some live free armory that are good

  6. osirhc

    Wow that’s cheap, nice deal!

    Does anyone know where to find a basic 43 barrel in stock? It’s the last part I need lol. All I’ve been able to find lately are Gucci barrels for $200+ and I don’t need all that

  7. bubblewhip

    Is it just me, or does anyone think it’s a bad idea to CCW an unseriealized “home made” 80% gun in the event you actually use it?

    Not just reliability concerns, but it sorta puts unwanted questions from the prosecutor at courts and whatnot.

  8. Biggie313

    The cheapest I’ve seen these. Flat rate shipping. Shipping is slow, says up to 30 days, but you cant find slides anyway right now, so no rush.

  9. Last_Replacement

    Anyone know if they ship these to WA? Doesn’t say in the description…hate going through checkout just to be rejected at the last minute.

  10. bloodyREDburger

    Shipping is 20 per kit lol

  11. makeitgobang

    Still waiting on my order from early June from them. If you don’t need it anytime soon, they are a good place

  12. tidescanner

    seems to be a pretty shitty seller. a month to ship?

  13. Gardener_Of_Eden

    Arent the feds tracking all of these shipments?

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