[Parts] Polymer 80 PF940V2 80% Full Size Frame – Blue Titanium Color Only – $59.99 shipped with code “dark”

[Parts] Polymer 80 PF940V2 80% Full Size Frame – Blue Titanium Color Only – $59.99 shipped with code “dark”


[Parts] Polymer 80 PF940V2 80% Full Size Frame – Blue Titanium Color Only – $59.99 shipped with code “dark”

27 reviews for [Parts] Polymer 80 PF940V2 80% Full Size Frame – Blue Titanium Color Only – $59.99 shipped with code “dark”

  1. Biggie313

    Might as well average my cost down a little more. Hard to pass up, especially with my state pushing for “ghost gun” bans again.

    Paired with their slide kit (make 2 separate orders and use DARK twice) you get a complete gun (minus mag) for $330


  2. Praticality

    When you take the rails into account, this is almost cheaper than printing a frame.

  3. arguy1

    Price is for blue titanium color only, this is the lowest price I have ever seen on these. Other colors are $69.99 shipped which is old news. The price on the PF940C appears to have gone up

  4. PaperOrPlastek

    Eh why not, full send.

  5. Maelifa

    Thanks for the post got 1

  6. bivenator

    In for 1 can’t really pass up a deal this stupidly low

  7. bi-nary

    Great deal. Also this color is being discontinued by p80 according to one CSR I communicated with back on black Friday.

  8. wexfordmills129

    In for one I don’t need like always on this subreddit.

  9. Badatlife96

    I really didn’t need to build a G17 but looks like here I am.

  10. enixthephoenix

    I’ve built 4 frames in 3 months. Guess it’ll be 5 now

  11. BraveDrew

    Thanks! Been on the fence for a p80 but can’t resist at this price

  12. cdillon42

    is this a bin price? even if im just gonna chuck it into a parts bin?

  13. LIBERALSsuckPP1234

    Thanks OP. In for one.

    This is my first 80 kit so a little excited

  14. Gardener_Of_Eden

    Is this the beginning of the firesale?

  15. joe_sun

    If this was for a 19 I’d bite

  16. Sharp_Oral

    In for one – thanks op!

  17. Tankdawg0057

    OOS on the blue

  18. cerberus767

    bot OOS

  19. twowords_number

    So I would need a slide, and what else should I be googling for “frame kit”? Or some such thing?

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  21. rell223718

    And another one! Thanks op

  22. Cosmic_Gumbo

    Anyone know where I can get an oem lower parts kit (or one of better quality than oem) for a g43?

  23. acid-burn-010


  24. arguy1

    Bot oos

  25. Gunnilinux

    how hard would it be to cut this down to fit a g19 slide?

  26. AFTDivision

    How can i make this 10mm hmmm

  27. WherestheJustice–

    Im asking myself if theyre selling these super cheap because they know somethings coming down on the frames and receivers shadyness the AFT is pulling.

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