[Parts] PMM P320 Gen 2 JTTC and Barrel Combo $355 back in stock

[Parts] PMM P320 Gen 2 JTTC and Barrel Combo $355 back in stock


[Parts] PMM P320 Gen 2 JTTC and Barrel Combo $355 back in stock

7 reviews for [Parts] PMM P320 Gen 2 JTTC and Barrel Combo $355 back in stock

  1. Adseg5

    Anyone with experience with this vs the Harrington arms comp? I currently have the HA comp on a faxon barrel since the pmm combo was out of stock for so long.

  2. highlymoderate

    This is a great setup in both 3.6 & 3.9 depending on what overall length you’re looking for. I have a few other comps I’ll be getting rid of because of them. The PMM stuff is really, really good.

    Shoots super flat.

    I did a comparison with my XC and although the Staccato was better, it should be and wasn’t by as much as you’d believe.

    Use stock springs. DPM works well too.

  3. MattPMM

    Thanks for the share!

  4. Noremak57

    Imagine waiting moths for this, giving up and buying the gen 1 on Monday

  5. ifighttheair

    Do they only offer this one for the compact slide? I was debating between this and the larger one for my XC

  6. Count_Warheit

    Any difference on comps if gas is only ejected from the top as opposed to the tops and sides?

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