[Parts] P80 9MM lower parts kit – $29.99 (with code BLACKFRIDAY50 + free shipping)

[Parts] P80 9MM lower parts kit – $29.99 (with code BLACKFRIDAY50 + free shipping)


[Parts] P80 9MM lower parts kit – $29.99 (with code BLACKFRIDAY50 + free shipping)

14 reviews for [Parts] P80 9MM lower parts kit – $29.99 (with code BLACKFRIDAY50 + free shipping)

  1. NPSgator

    Fitment on these are trash. So far out of spec

  2. bi-nary

    This or Rockey brass kit better?

  3. mjisdagoat23

    Which one are you supposed to do OEM with the Slide or Frame?

  4. Grand_Cookie

    In for two. I can finally open up the frames I bought last year.

  5. nurr-engpeg

    How many people have had success with these kits? I’ve seen some people have great luck and others complain that the parts are out of spec. Been waiting for a deal on a LPK but want to get one that works the first time.

  6. TrueSkittles

    Went to place an order but not seeing the free shipping with the code above. Am I missing something?

  7. coolusername_bro

    I’m just gonna bitch about this here bc I’ve been following this P80 sale since Friday. When a sale “ends Tuesday” that verbiage means it’s still happening ON Tuesday… Right? Am I losing my shit here?

  8. Biggie313

    Good deal, but been posted half dozen times since Friday. Normal good deal is $50 shipped

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  10. Ryan_Extra

    I’m not getting free shipping

  11. jcarver1112

    Can confirm the trigger feels like trash. I didn’t have issues with the lpk fitting the frame but I did have other issues. Either rails or jig is out if spec. Hole alignment wasn’t there. Disconnector bar is barely passible. Won’t run without lots of lube.

  12. macsspeed

    For anyone who cares, I’ve used these kits two at a time on two separate occasions two years apart (I realize that’s a lot of twos) and they have all been trash as far as the triggers are concerned

  13. mjisdagoat23

    Also, Do you need the metal channel liners to finish p80 builds?

  14. Jimothius

    This or Patmos?

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