[PARTS] P365xl grip module – NTS – tan – Wilson combat -now available – $65 plus ship/tax

[PARTS] P365xl grip module – NTS – tan – Wilson combat -now available – $65 plus ship/tax


[PARTS] P365xl grip module – NTS – tan – Wilson combat -now available – $65 plus ship/tax

17 reviews for [PARTS] P365xl grip module – NTS – tan – Wilson combat -now available – $65 plus ship/tax

  1. duckbombz

    Hell yes. I was waiting on this.Thanks man.

  2. SquareHoleRoundPlug

    20% off mil discount if you register with them.

    Also the grip weights are just 1/8” and 3/8” tungsten rods you can buy various places if you think the grip weight will affect much. (I decided it wasn’t worth it for me compared to the varying grip weight of the magazine as shots are fired)

  3. bradsredditacct

    Mother fucker. I bought the black one a few days ago.

  4. Weekly_Okra3859

    Damn… was so hype but they don’t have the tan XL with safety…

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  6. [deleted]


  7. noobeater5

    What other components are needed to finish this pistol? I’ve never built a pistol before

  8. Agitated_Pie_890

    Just got my order today and they send me the 365 version instead of the xl that I ordered 😤

  9. biklab

    Does anyone make one with a rail?

  10. matts290

    Anyone have experience with these yet? I don’t hate my stock P365XL, but it is a little tricky setting up a solid grip when drawing from concealment.

  11. Ricepuddin6

    God damn it. Just installed the black one.

  12. TheRenownWolf

    Mother fucker I didn’t expect these so fast. My black one will be here Friday.

  13. Maxystache

    Thats hot

  14. spiffy_griffy

    Anyone know what the grip texture is like on these? I think the grip texture on the 365XL isn’t the best and I would want something more aggressive

  15. bbass22

    Take my money.

  16. Banggerr

    In for one… hoping the tactical dev mag baseplates work with this. Stupid ct and their 10 round rule

  17. fishsaysno

    Is it a deal? No.

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