[Parts] P320 / M17 X-Change Kit $499

[Parts] P320 / M17 X-Change Kit $499


[Parts] P320 / M17 X-Change Kit $499

13 reviews for [Parts] P320 / M17 X-Change Kit $499

  1. YooserNahme

    Wish they included the XCarry Grip instead of this bar of soap grip.

  2. dswen17

    So this is everything besides the fire control group?

  3. thxfrthmmry

    Might sound stupid but should I buy this and X-change it to my X-Five so I can LARP?

  4. OnYourSide

    It’s pretty pricey upfront but if you itemize everything (using Sig’s MSRP #s), this is still a pretty okay deal.

    Also, it would match the Flux Raider brace I have coming…

  5. poorwegian

    What’s the difference between this and say, an FDE XFull aside from grip module?

  6. What_Cost_Center

    Would I be able to build a complete gun with the addition of a Sig FCU?

  7. realopticsguy

    I’m going to take the FCU from my M-17 and add it to this kit.

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  9. Anti_Chugger

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on these with 10rd mags 🙁 can’t find this

  10. TooEZ_OL56

    Isn’t it cheaper to get a straight M17 than this + FCU?

  11. pdolliver35

    Hmm is this what I should use my last 25% off coupon on?

  12. numeater

    So you can throw a FCU in this and you have full working 320?

  13. Phiercee

    Will this also unintentionally shoot me in the leg?

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