[parts] Odin lower parts kit $30

[parts] Odin lower parts kit $30


[parts] Odin lower parts kit $30

10 reviews for [parts] Odin lower parts kit $30

  1. DrScaryGuy


    nitride coated enhanced parts kit for $35


  2. Ar10throwaway

    My .02

    The kit uses quality steel, and is machined.

    The bad: it’s not uncommon for them to fuck up the disconnector ledge on the hammer, which requires hand fitting/filing through the heat treated portion of metal to fix.

    Otherwise the trigger won’t reset because the disconnector won’t release.

    Odin does have good customer service if it happens to you.

    I’ve bought their LPK twice at different times and it’s happened twice.

    Maybe I’m just incredibly unlucky.

  3. arion830

    I got $20 shipping charge, pass

  4. samurailemur

    Great find, worth rolling the dice on at this price

  5. WACOtheATF

    No sales tax to WA

  6. uhkayus

    I’m looking for a LPK for a sico sco15 lower I picked up. I want to make it my “nice” build. How are these parts compared to a Schmid?

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  8. RED5_Standing_Bye

    Thanks OP

  9. thescofflawl

    Thanks OP cant pass up this with a FCG at this price

  10. Mamono29a

    How are these parts?

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