[PARTS] NP3/Nickel Teflon parts back in stock $.79+, plus more

[PARTS] NP3/Nickel Teflon parts back in stock $.79+, plus more


[PARTS] NP3/Nickel Teflon parts back in stock $.79+, plus more

3 reviews for [PARTS] NP3/Nickel Teflon parts back in stock $.79+, plus more

  1. NotoriousDVA

    “Your standard Mil-Spec plunger except coated in NP3 or Nickel Teflon for extreme corrosion resistance and lubricity. Excellent for carbines and rifles that like to get wet, dirty and pushed to the extreme. Kind of like your Ex.”

    Well done lads.

  2. Retired_at_work

    What’s up we are back with some more parts in stock. You guys cleared everything out on Black Friday. Everything that says it’s available for back order is, but currently has a lead time of 1 to 2 weeks. Discount codes if you know them work…

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