[Parts] Noveske (Vltor) MUR Upper – $218 free shipping w/ CYBERFS4921

[Parts] Noveske (Vltor) MUR Upper – $218 free shipping w/ CYBERFS4921


[Parts] Noveske (Vltor) MUR Upper – $218 free shipping w/ CYBERFS4921

13 reviews for [Parts] Noveske (Vltor) MUR Upper – $218 free shipping w/ CYBERFS4921

  1. Zerok800

    Need this for my gunsmith task

  2. SkinnyStock

    Should i slap this on my PSA lower?

  3. gumby36psi

    Now do gen 3 noveske uppers

  4. uscmarine

    Why so $$ for upper ?

  5. bigfoot_76

    When you absolutely positively got to have that rollmark at 4x the cost of any other upper.

  6. Way_2_Go_Donny

    Sorry G, can’t do it.

  7. Kottorro

    Is there a list of handguards that work with the edition of the mur? It looks like similar dimensions as the hera arms HUS upper, only saw slr and noveske’s own basically.

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  9. shinayasaki

    damn i paid 250 for mine few weeks ago

  10. GetFitFoxhound

    Good looks op!

  11. leapfidnntbr

    Mistakenly ordered a back ordered foliage from Optics Planet. I hope I see it by 2025

  12. ilyk

    1! 1 left! Someone grab it!

  13. akathedevil666

    Free shipping code expired dammit

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