[Parts] NOS Yugo M70 AK Barrels – $220 + Shipping

[Parts] NOS Yugo M70 AK Barrels – $220 + Shipping


[Parts] NOS Yugo M70 AK Barrels – $220 + Shipping

4 reviews for [Parts] NOS Yugo M70 AK Barrels – $220 + Shipping

  1. blakebake

    No sewer pipes here. 16″ NOS Zastava M70 barrels for stamped receivers. Non-chrome-lined which is standard for OG M70 Yugos. Good option if you’re trying to stay original with your kit.

    Don’t sweat the non-CL if you’re shooting standard non-corrosive ammo like most, or if you’re good about cleaning after shooting corrosive.

  2. Zastavarian

    For stamped Yugo, not milled.

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  4. Dakar_Yella

    There is talk about these being of poor quality, let me find the original thread on the files

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