[PARTS] Nickel Teflon lower parts kit w/trigger and JP Springs $79.99

[PARTS] Nickel Teflon lower parts kit w/trigger and JP Springs $79.99


[PARTS] Nickel Teflon lower parts kit w/trigger and JP Springs $79.99

4 reviews for [PARTS] Nickel Teflon lower parts kit w/trigger and JP Springs $79.99

  1. DrCGDskin

    Anyone wondering what changing springs will do, I recently made a rifle for my dad and spent too much on putting it all together for someone who won’t shoot as much as me. So when it came to the FCG, I decided to throw in a milspec from my first DDM4. Heavy, crunchy, not fun but never failed.
    Anyways, polished up the areas that a gunsmith recommended, and picked up the JP springs. Now I know what people mean when they say a “great Milspec trigger”. No more crunch. Plenty light, no over travel, bunch of take up so while not ideal for distance, it’s fantastic for rapid & close

  2. Trancephibian

    Solid set up if you don’t like 2 stage. MBT is still a much nicer trigger for not much more if you can find one

  3. Retired_at_work

    Christmas sale still going strong, have a few of these kits left in stock. You can back order these to lock in the price, back orders ship in 7 to 10 business days. Same for the enhanced 8 position buffer tubes. Feel free to ask for a specific part if you need it or hit me up with any questions here or email at owner@jtfcon.com

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