[Parts] Next Level Armament MCX Ambidextrous Charge Handle In Stock – $80.00

[Parts] Next Level Armament MCX Ambidextrous Charge Handle In Stock – $80.00


[Parts] Next Level Armament MCX Ambidextrous Charge Handle In Stock – $80.00

8 reviews for [Parts] Next Level Armament MCX Ambidextrous Charge Handle In Stock – $80.00

  1. Sqwaunchy

    I had the mcx radian and this one. I actually liked this NLA much better for MY setup. The arms are just slightly longer and easier to grab around my optic. I def recommend these!

  2. Badlands_Pig

    Been looking for an in stock replacement for the factory charging handle since picking up my Virtus last month.

    The factory charging handle is too small for easy charging with my lvpo mounted.

    I’ve read some solid reviews for Next Level Armament’s MCX Charging Handle and it is currently in stock as of 12.19.21 0900 MT.

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  4. dbrum22

    How does this one compare to Radian’s charging handle?

  5. anonymousnobody14

    Does this work on the Rattler?

  6. ClandestineArms

    I don’t find the stock handle to be as bad as people say (but if this works with the rattler) then this option is what I jeed

  7. Affectionate-Metal-2

    NLA charging handle works well.

  8. dontchaworryboutit

    Anybody compared this with Geissele?

    I’ve got Geissele for both my rattlers and the work great, but these are certainly cheaper

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