[parts] New MI Folding Stock w 1913 adapter – $185 + s/t

[parts] New MI Folding Stock w 1913 adapter – $185 + s/t


[parts] New MI Folding Stock w 1913 adapter – $185 + s/t

16 reviews for [parts] New MI Folding Stock w 1913 adapter – $185 + s/t

  1. ultramarioihaz

    More of a ‘now available’ post. MI is marketing these to go with Brownells BRN-180, but would fit nicely with any rifle that has a 1913 end plate.

    Not enough companies make stocks with 1913 connections! And this one has tons of QD points.

  2. MediumRedMetallic

    do i really want to stamp my 22 charger for this?

  3. Shady14

    Cant tell if i would like it or not on my BRN. Glad more of these are coming to the market either way.

  4. TheRenownWolf

    Cool to have more options, but this one isn’t for me.

  5. OnYourSide

    If I loop Paracord through the QD point through to the bottom part, can this be considered a brace?

    Asking for a friend.

  6. Theonepercent1108

    Hmm this or the HEX 2.0 Folding Stock? Tough decision

  7. Deathdealerah

    That thing is hideous.

  8. 10mm_best_mm

    Looks really similar to the LAGE folding stock, especially the folding adaptor.

  9. Fat_262

    I like.

  10. FrankyBenjamin

    I think it looks great. Nice to have another option.

  11. idrankthebleach

    I have their straight stick folding brace adapter (tailhook not included) and it has been fucking phenomenal. Also the 1913 rear section on my m92 alpha hasn’t budged at all. No wobble. Rock solid. MI makes good shit!

  12. creiner1

    Why make it so ugly? If you’re going to have an uncomfortable folder it might as well be aesthetic

  13. NotoriousDVA

    Be crazy and go with Zenitco. Because in Russia, stock folds YOU

  14. dirtyboots702

    Mom, can we get a TS-8R…

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  16. PDXshootingROPES

    Should I use this to sbr my m92 alpha, or should I get something fancier since I’m going to have to pay the stamp?

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