[Parts] NBS PVD BCG $101.96 before S/H/T

[Parts] NBS PVD BCG $101.96 before S/H/T


[Parts] NBS PVD BCG $101.96 before S/H/T

23 reviews for [Parts] NBS PVD BCG $101.96 before S/H/T

  1. Send_It_Linda_308

    Wonder what color it would turn after a mag dump suppressed…

  2. DerWichode

    this is channeling my inner plebian so fucking hard


    For those of you looking to class up your AR, Im 99% certain this is manufactured by White Label Armory / DRG manufacturing. They get pretty good reviews, make a bunch of stuff for other brands and are fairly local to me. Spend away.

    Edit: I had a NBS BCG that wasn’t 100% and AR15discounts replaced it super easily.

  4. SettleForLes

    That post title is hilarious. It’s just a bunch of letters, but in an order that doesn’t make any words.

  5. Impetus_

    H&M – bringing fast fashion and BlackNitride+™ to a store near you

  6. Pewpewpanda88

    Damn three abbreviations. IFO.

  7. PNWbbwhunter

    Will this work with my skeletonized upper?

  8. Phrikshin

    We’ve gone too far. My inner-fudd has been FULLY activated.

  9. ScypherXTC

    For operators only.

  10. P5Yc0m3tRic


  11. superkuper

    I don’t need this at all but I want it

  12. WiseDirt

    Mmmm… the mall ninja vibe is strong with this one

  13. ar15discounts

    We also have the Blue PVD ones here! 😉


  14. ShelteredVagabound

    Everyone’s talking about the color scheme, but how good is the actual BCG?

  15. ScaratheBear

    Damn that’s ugly but fuck it I’m in for one.

  16. Ammo_Cat

    So if I actually use this, do I have to disclose my pro nouns?

  17. AAA_Game

    Need a handguard to match, for maximum gaudiness

  18. Kpkimmel

    In case your friends don’t know for sure if you are gay..

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  20. kms275

    Will this help me get Damascus?

  21. Derangedcorgi

    In for one, thanks OP! Totally going to fit in with my He-man dust cover lmao.

  22. RagnarShootShoot

    Poor mentality…

  23. big_daddy_kane1

    Wonder what’s more cringe. This monstrosity or Red AR parts.

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