[Parts] – more now in stock. Luth-AR Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit – M16 w/ Auto Sear & Pin – $69

[Parts] – more now in stock. Luth-AR Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit – M16 w/ Auto Sear & Pin – $69


[Parts] – more now in stock. Luth-AR Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit – M16 w/ Auto Sear & Pin – $69

13 reviews for [Parts] – more now in stock. Luth-AR Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit – M16 w/ Auto Sear & Pin – $69

  1. LuckyBuilder69

    Lol for everyone that’s scared: these are perfectly legal, and pretty much unusable in a regular AR. To even be able to use this, you would need the correct m16 cut lower with the shelf, a full auto bolt carrier group, AND you would need to have the third hole drilled in your receiver. These are really for people who already have registered automatic lowers or for people that collect things like this as a novelty.

    Edit: spelling

  2. UNSC_Fleetcom

    There’s nothing illegal about owning this, at all. Don’t be a pussy. People buy surplus kits for all kinds of guns that have auto sears in them, it’s no big deal at all.

    If you’re that scared, put the auto sear on a keychain and leave it hanging by your door with your car keys to show the feds who will never show up and ask about this.

    Real talk though: don’t use an M16 safety with an M16 disconnector, even without the auto sear or hammer or everything else.

    The M16 safety lever interfaces with an M16 disconnector, which has a longer “tail” on the back of it that most disconnectors do not. When flipped to the 3rd position, the disconnector is disabled so that in a proper M16, the hammer is only interacting with the auto sear. However, if you install those two parts together, you create a situation where the hammer can move unrestricted during firing and can’t be caught on anything. What results is a jamming/hammer follow machine, but unfortunately it’s a machine gun according to the ATF since it *could* fire more than one shot per trigger pull, since the hammer follow *could* be enough to set another round off.

    Normally I don’t go for sissies worrying about parts on the internet, but this exact scenario happened to a guy on ARFCOM and he got charged with it, so be careful kids. Use whatever M16 parts you want, but never use an M16 disconnector with an M16 safety selector unless you’re going full Monty.

  3. 86gwrhino

    obviously nobody making dog jokes or freaking out here have bought a parts kit for anything…

    pretty much every parts kit comes with all the auto bits. stop freaking out about constructive possession or some other bs the fudd at the gunstore told you.

    to quote a lawyer on youtube: anything more than minimal compliance is self regulation

  4. Fat-N-Furiou5

    Having a three positions safety without the accompanying b r r t would make me very sad

  5. hammerdown10k

    Cheapest way to put down your dog.

  6. No_Worldliness_7903


  7. steventristeng

    Legit seller?
    Do they accept BTC?

  8. iRacingVRGuy

    Sorry folks, contrary to popular internet beliefs, but possession is technically illegal. See page 14 of the NFA Handbook:

    *The definition of machinegun also includes a combination of parts from which a machinegun can be assembled if such parts are in the possession or under the control of a person. An example of a firearm meeting this section of the definition is a semiautomatic AR15 rifle possessed with an M16 bolt carrier, hammer, trigger, disconnector and selector. If the semiautomatic AR15 is assembled with the described M16 parts and the rifle is capable of fully automatic fire, the weapon possessed in conjunction with the M16 parts, /whether assembled or not/, is a machinegun as defined*


    The issue is you can have hammer follow causing a second shot (so “machine gun”) if you have the M16 selector and disconnector installed, regardless of whether they are installed or not.

    *edit*: Feel free to downvote, but downvotes don’t change the law. I provide direct sources above for my statements. Everyone else is going “nuh-uh! The internet told me otherwise and the internet is never wrong!”

    *edit #2*: This is what I responded to someone else who didn’t understand the hammer followthrough / “two shots for one trigger pull” = “machine gun in the ATF’s eyes” stuff:

    “So this is where the ATF bullshit interpretation of what a machine gun is comes in.

    Basically if you install the parts, there can be hammer followthrough, which will result in two rounds being fired with one trigger pull. More than one round fired per trigger pull = “machine gun” in the eyes of the law.

    The reason why there can be hammer follow through is an M16 selector + disconnector in the full auto position, regardless of whether there’s a sear or not, will not catch the hammer when it comes back. So the hammer can follow through to the firing pin, and if it does so at the right point in the cycling, you get a second shot.”

    *edit #3*: Ignore Mr. “Behind seven proxies”. Obviously a troll. The account has only been going for three months.



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  10. Styx3791

    Bummer I’m tapped right now.

  11. XooDumbLuckooX

    It says it’s sold out but will let you add to cart and check out? Anyone know if that would back order it?

  12. OpGineer


  13. uhkayus

    How are these compared to the kak from yesterday?

    EDIT: Wait this is the KAK not the Luth.

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