[Parts] Midwest Industries Upper Receiver Rod – $74.83 + Shipping

[Parts] Midwest Industries Upper Receiver Rod – $74.83 + Shipping


[Parts] Midwest Industries Upper Receiver Rod – $74.83 + Shipping

10 reviews for [Parts] Midwest Industries Upper Receiver Rod – $74.83 + Shipping

  1. mjedmazga

    These things are the tits. They are especially great for install/de-install of muzzle devices, but of course they’re good for barrel nut install/de-install as well.

    They just make it so easy to torque stuff to spec or to align muzzle devices correctly. If you build or work on AR-15s at all, buy one of these.

  2. Arctic_Nights

    This is a warehouse item and should qualify for $10 flat rate shipping. They are based in Texas, so you might pay tax as well.

  3. gumby36psi

    🐐 rod

  4. panda1876

    These are awesome and make upper assembly a lot easier

  5. elsparkodiablo

    They also have the armorer’s wrench for $46, making the total $121+ shipping.

    Brownells has a combo with this and the armorer’s wrench together for $139.99 + shipping.

    This is a good deal.

  6. Badassteaparty

    Thanks OP, in for one. I have the Gzzlee but I hear this one supports the upper receiver pins better.

  7. TheStig111

    This thing is absolutely spectacular. Takes all the BS out of building uppers and changing muzzle devices. I love it.

  8. _ODgreen13

    got one, thanks OP

  9. chri389

    Just grabbed one of these for this price a few days ago. Absolutely awesome tool. Highly recommend.

  10. UgliestCookie

    Snagged one and used the $10 warehouse shipping to grab a few other warehouse items and lower the felt cost. Agree with the sentiments that this doesn’t do an awful lot for barrel nuts as the real torquing is going on between the barrel nut and the receiver threads. There’s still some placed on the index pin though and I’ll be glad to have this for that reason. This thing should really shine on muzzle devices though. I’ve had far too many close calls getting those timed just so. Never broken a pin, but I could tell I was getting close.

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