[PARTS] Mega Arms Forged Upper Stripped IN STOCK $125.00 + shipping

[PARTS] Mega Arms Forged Upper Stripped IN STOCK $125.00 + shipping


[PARTS] Mega Arms Forged Upper Stripped IN STOCK $125.00 + shipping

11 reviews for [PARTS] Mega Arms Forged Upper Stripped IN STOCK $125.00 + shipping

  1. herecomethebees

    This is a deal?

  2. gumby36psi

    Lol shipping $30 , fk outta here

  3. AnAwkwardCamel

    What’s so good about this upper vs an Aero or BCM?

  4. Joshmead1234

    I would get it, if ups shipping wasn’t 30 bucks.

  5. Farngomery

    Bought one from zev for $106 shipped. Sure, a few months wait, but saved almost $30.

  6. Im-a-magpie

    With a Grey Ghost Precision stripped upper being only $84 at Lanbos I really can’t see the appeal besides the logo. GGP have same tolerances and same anodizing.

    E: I guess the indexing in the upper is nice if you have a handguard that uses it. Might make it worth it then .

  7. Smevs515

    First deal of the new year

  8. DanGTG

    That’s a lotta money for a logo when you can get them for [$30 shipped.](https://www.208gunshop.com/anderson-manufacturing/anderson-am-15-stripped-upper-receiver-930725)

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  10. Neloth

    I think these were discontinued a few years ago if I’m not mistaken. I couldn’t find one when I built my mega lower. The finish on Mega is beautiful compared to other brands I’ve used.

    That being said this is pretty expensive.

  11. killgore755

    You finna tell me this worth 100 more dollars then the anderson posted a couple days ago?

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