[Parts] – Matador Arms SKS Optics Rail for $79.99 with code: lovemysks

[Parts] – Matador Arms SKS Optics Rail for $79.99 with code: lovemysks


[Parts] – Matador Arms SKS Optics Rail for $79.99 with code: lovemysks

12 reviews for [Parts] – Matador Arms SKS Optics Rail for $79.99 with code: lovemysks

  1. TxCoast

    Actually looks like a decent option for mounting optics without permanently altering/ruining the rifle. Very neat idea. I might be in for one in the future, as I have this trollish urge to put an IR optic on my SKS, and I can’t seem to shake it, only repress it.

  2. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    This isn’t bubba whatsoever.

    There’s nothing permanent about this and it does not damage the gun.

  3. Tarqvinivs_Svperbvs

    Bubba No!

  4. turbo_vanner

    ‘member when a whole SKS was 79.99?

  5. InfiniteWood

    Can’t wait to put this on my Tula!

  6. ComfortableActuator

    +1 for SKS stuff. If you’re looking for something more understated (and don’t mind the eye relief for your red dot), BadAce has one that just covers the sight block: [https://www.badacetactical.com/products/sks-low-profile-ndt-red-dot-mount-with-back-up-sight](https://www.badacetactical.com/products/sks-low-profile-ndt-red-dot-mount-with-back-up-sight)

  7. Grand_Cookie

    This looks like a pretty well thought out rail.

  8. joeverdrive

    gonna be a nyet from me dog

  9. PandaCatGunner

    Don’t. Do it. Bubba.

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  11. cabanabannana

    Unironically thought about going with one of these if I found I liked the SKS I bought.

    I like the SKS I bought and now I have unpure thoughts. Help. Want put red dot on SKS for yeetin’

  12. PedroGoHard

    Looks like no stripper clips allowed with this one

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