[Parts] Magpul PRS Lite FDE in stock – $119.95

[Parts] Magpul PRS Lite FDE in stock – $119.95


[Parts] Magpul PRS Lite FDE in stock – $119.95

12 reviews for [Parts] Magpul PRS Lite FDE in stock – $119.95

  1. JBravo920

    Was checking random codes online and this one still worked to take $10 off for me even though it has Oct2021 in the code…not sure if it’ll work for others, worth a try though

    Promo code: BRC10OFF-OCT2021

  2. UgliestCookie

    I ordered mine last night and got a shipping confirmation this morning.

  3. fitgranticus

    This is both lighter and cheaper than my FAB RAPS. can’t wait to try it out.

  4. TheStig111

    Tempting but I really want black.

  5. doubleUTF

    is this still worth it to buy as part of a featureless california ar15 build? I’ll have to use a stock stop to make it non adjustable.

  6. jgisbo007

    I’ve been looking for a stock in FDE for my Aero M5 build. Is this the one?

  7. 80pctAppleseed

    Oof not bestest ODG

  8. scuzbo

    Dang how long have these been a thing? I ended up settling for something else in my 16″ M5A1 because the PRS line is so heavy.

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  10. JBravo920

    Was planning on using an SL-S on my Aero M5 build but this just popped up at the right (or wrong in my wallet’s case) time! Hopefully it works out well

  11. TheRealCIA

    Any other distributors starting to carry this? I need

  12. not_so_easy_button

    Black is in stock now… just placed an order.

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