[Parts] Magpul PRS Lite Black in stock – $109.95 +tax w/ code BRC10OFF-OCT2021

[Parts] Magpul PRS Lite Black in stock – $109.95 +tax w/ code BRC10OFF-OCT2021


[Parts] Magpul PRS Lite Black in stock – $109.95 +tax w/ code BRC10OFF-OCT2021

19 reviews for [Parts] Magpul PRS Lite Black in stock – $109.95 +tax w/ code BRC10OFF-OCT2021

  1. bazr57

    Mine was delivered about 2 hours ago. My initial mpression is it feels s lot more ridged than my luthar stock.

  2. gymbr

    I just wish it was compatible with rifle buffer tubes. Like this design aesthetic more minimal than the prs but for a rifle tube

  3. Ccw56

    Fde was in stock a day ago and now the black is in stock. [Here’s](https://old.reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/rimo9z/parts_magpul_prs_lite_fde_in_stock_11995/) a link to the previous thread.

  4. thegenericchen

    Free shipping as well.

    Easier to copy/paste coupon for those on mobile: BRC10OFF-OCT2021

  5. 80pctAppleseed

    second best color _unzips_

    in for one

  6. JohnWickIIII

    In for one, currently running a Magpul CTR on a 16 in AR10. Is a switch to this a good move? Mainly used for target shooting but in the event I get into hunting the rifle would be used for that as well

  7. natea0331

    Damn I ordered a prs gen 3 not too long ago, welp shoot, guess I’ll buy this guy and sell the gen 3,

  8. ct_vol

    In for one! Thanks OP.

  9. CHAZ_Woodward

    Lite Black is just grey, OP

  10. overcookedfantasy

    LOP and weight is insane on these btw. Make sure you check the specs before thinking you’ll throw this on a tactical carbine…my advice.

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  12. SirLordWombat

    Just ordered thanks! Didn’t see a spot for the discount code on mobile but oh well I guess.

  13. EatinBeav

    Can anyone give me a comparison between this and Luth’s mba-1? I cannot decide what to put on my rifle.

  14. CrocodileCunnilingus

    Ah shit I missed the FDE. Just finished a build with the moe rifle stock literally 2 days ago as a placeholder for this.

  15. Summonest

    So does this work with a standard rifle buffer, or only carbine?

  16. KuhScotty

    Anyone looking to buy this one, make sure your end plate is a traditional mil spec. It will not work with designs that extend like Strike Industries, Fortis, or forward control enhanced versions.

  17. Airondot

    Nice, been waiting on this to finish my AR-308

  18. IHeartSm3gma

    Will this readily fit a Sig 716? I’m a n00b to the buffer t00b fittings

  19. lv_techs

    I really wanted this this to be cooler then the ubr but for my application I need the collapsibility of the ubr over this. I think this prs lite only has 1.5″ of lop adjustment

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