[Parts] Magpul MBUSSET gen 2 fde $65 + s/h/t

[Parts] Magpul MBUSSET gen 2 fde $65 + s/h/t


[Parts] Magpul MBUSSET gen 2 fde $65 + s/h/t

14 reviews for [Parts] Magpul MBUSSET gen 2 fde $65 + s/h/t

  1. chrisexv6

    1 point

  2. KeepYouPosted

    If you just need some back ups, [Lead and Steel](https://lead-steel.com/low-profile-sight-set/) has their brand of polymer backups for $40 +ship.

  3. XtremingDerp410


  4. derfdog

    Was hoping for ODG. Was disappointed lol

  5. Keilanm

    The MBUSSY

  6. ATF_Dogshoot_Command

    This seems like an insanely good deal- is there something I’m missing here?

  7. buckeyenut13

    $73 after shipping. WAIT, I don’t have ammo to waste. Why did I do that? šŸ˜…

  8. RGavial

    I snagged some for my FDE HTA Bullpup.

  9. Sneaky-Beaky-Ninja

    Any eta on gen 3 mbus?

  10. Screwedstonian

    Needed these (maybe), thanks OP.

  11. balolblast

    Roll that beautiful *MBUSSET* footage!

  12. anort717

    Do this for odg I know a group

  13. Snoo-13577

    Got in on these when they were posted a few weeks ago. Seller is g2g, received within same week. I had some difficulties with the website/checkout process but also on mobile.

  14. jl56288

    Damn Iā€™d buy this if it were $65 shipping and tax included

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