[Parts] LTT Beretta 92 Trigger Bar – BOGO 50% Off

[Parts] LTT Beretta 92 Trigger Bar – BOGO 50% Off


[Parts] LTT Beretta 92 Trigger Bar – BOGO 50% Off

15 reviews for [Parts] LTT Beretta 92 Trigger Bar – BOGO 50% Off

  1. echocharlie86

    This single part is a game changer and an absolute must if you own 92/M9 and you value a nice trigger. The improvement it adds to the trigger break and reset is nuts, especially after considering the price and ease of installation. For the past few years I’ve been procrastinating on selling my 92FS, but this past Feb I fellow gundeals redditor put me onto the part. And now you can’t get me to shut up about it. Loved the trigger bar so much that it convinced me to get a Px4.

  2. Mr_Perfect20

    I don’t know how I got so lucky, but my stock M9a1 trigger is phenomenal. Shortest reset and cleanest break of all the pistols I own.

  3. JosyBR

    The NP3 does make a difference

  4. edgarapplepoe

    I am on the fence with these. I broke down and bought one but it was more gritty than I was expecting. I handled a 92X RDO today (which has the Beretta version of the short reset) and thought it was better than my LTT trigger bar.

    Edit – I’ll add that I have pulled the trigger a 1000 times to see if that helps but no luck.

  5. laxman_09

    Have 92x RDO. Would this even be much of an improvement?

  6. ModestMonty

    I wish they would allow mix and match with the px4 bar

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  9. ReallySickOfArguing

    šŸ¤” Interesting, didn’t know these existed. Going to try one in my Wilson 92g and see what it does.

  10. TacoSplosions

    Been on the fence about the LTT trigger bar and the Cylinder & Slide match sear.

  11. Fromthe802

    Okay, so anyone on the fence for this part, I have run stock, LTT trigger job in a bag with a Wilson combat bar, short reach trigger, and LTT OP trigger bar as well as the Beretta 92x performance trigger kit.

    The LTT OP bar is by far one of the best improvements for the trigger in my opinion. This, the g-kit and a d-spring are the three major improvements that I swap into my guns.

  12. ponderofclams

    Any deals upcoming or at all on the elite ltts?

  13. intellectualnerd85

    Great product makes a good pairing with the short reach trigger. Iā€™d get the redesigned hammer too.

  14. VeraTachikaze

    idk much about the internals but seems weird that the PX4 model excludes the *compact* but includes the full, compact carry, and subcompact, considering the subcomp doesn’t even have the the rotating barrel šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø

  15. shagrn

    a A A A AA

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