[PARTS] LMT Full Auto BCG – $249.99

[PARTS] LMT Full Auto BCG – $249.99


[PARTS] LMT Full Auto BCG – $249.99

12 reviews for [PARTS] LMT Full Auto BCG – $249.99

  1. -leadStandard-

    Ha! First in line suckers! Only 1 in stock! No money to buy this but first! Wooooooo!

  2. schifferay

    Gucci BCG?

  3. FightTheFade

    Whew thought I missed out on the enhanced version

  4. Phrikshin

    Wanted to get this posted before oos so made pricing error in title…save 99 cents! It’s $249 even, for those of you who can’t spare the extra dollar.

  5. Phrikshin

    Bot oos

  6. MikhailBarracuda91

    Everyone here saying ‘it says LMT on it’ no it doesn’t.

    I have one, it’s not better than a BCM or a Colt BCG but it’s really cool if you can afford it. These are expensive because LMT actually makes these in house. About 99.9% of these end up on contract rifles.

    When I got mine years ago, it was dirty with the name of the QC inspector who fired and tested it written on a tag. Now I have about 10,000 rds through it, and it’s seriously the smoothest carrier group I’ve ever played with.

    The only complaint I have is the lame extractor spring setup. Swap that shit out for a Colt gold spring, BCM 4 coil, or Sprinco 5 coil.

  7. sabstain

    Oos 🙁

  8. Revolver502


  9. southsider2021

    OOS already. Freaking savages.

  10. Sh00tYourEyeOut

    This or two Toolcraft?

  11. Metallicafan352

    Holding for a Hodge. C’mon Jim!

  12. ResIpsaBen

    BCGs are crazy hard to find now, I’ve been suprised.

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