[Parts] LMT Enhanced Bolt Carrier SA Restock $161

[Parts] LMT Enhanced Bolt Carrier SA Restock $161


[Parts] LMT Enhanced Bolt Carrier SA Restock $161

11 reviews for [Parts] LMT Enhanced Bolt Carrier SA Restock $161

  1. Metallicafan352

    FA and I would’ve sent it.


    Why? Why must LMT distribute 20 fold the amount of enhanced carriers as they do enhanced bolts?

    It’s like the hot dog, hot dog bun paradox on an even more disjointed scale.

  3. tommyle05

    Oh fuck me, thought it was the whole bolt group. Glad they put the angry red text there for dumbasses like me. Bout has a heart attack.

  4. William_Buttlicker_

    Bout had a heart attack there

  5. Tribe21

    Code suitup for the discount

  6. Count_Warheit

    What is with all the stupid SA ones.

  7. turbo_vanner

    cam path is good for suppression. So many folks gloss right over that.

  8. Cold-Front-522

    I haven’t seen the bolts in stock anywhere for a while.

  9. wowthatsucked

    They also ~~have~~ had the .308 bolt – https://www.bigtexordnance.com/product/lmt-308-bolt-lm308d7-lewis-machine-tool/

    Looks like it’s the MARS-H equivalent of the Enhanced Bolt.

  10. luckygunnerx30

    For anyone on the fence these things rock and can help you tune a rifle even further. I have a 14.5” LMT middy barrel with one of these and a A5H1. It feels exactly like my SR15 did recoil wise. Its super enjoyable to shoot with.

    If your rifle is already properly gassed I would skip on this as it may cause issues

    For 16” LMT’s an A5H3 plus this carrier is ideal.
    For 11.5” LMT’s I wouldn’t use this.

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