[Parts] LMT AR-15 MARS-L Lower SOPMOD in stock – $959

[Parts] LMT AR-15 MARS-L Lower SOPMOD in stock – $959


[Parts] LMT AR-15 MARS-L Lower SOPMOD in stock – $959

13 reviews for [Parts] LMT AR-15 MARS-L Lower SOPMOD in stock – $959

  1. Alex-GXO

    $319 for the stripped lower, does the rest of the stuff have a $640 value?

  2. dammora

    Not really a deal, but this is more of an in stock notification.

  3. WhyInTheHellNot

    Shows OOS for me

    Edit NVM guess it’s just in the mobile reddit browser

  4. joshuamagno

    Still looking for the stripped lower. Missed it this morning, never even got the in stock notification.

  5. dammora

    u/notorious_hdc still looking for one?

  6. getoffmylastname

    You all pay for this?

  7. akathedevil666

    In for 2


    $1,000 for a lower?, uh HELL no. I don’t give a shit if LMT is using the same material that’s on the frickin space shuttle. I like LMT but c’mon.

  9. gumby36psi

    Nah boss

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  11. JPD232

    This shows up as OoS regardless of the browser or computer I use.

  12. JPD232

    Is this worth $300 more than an ADM complete lower with G2S?

  13. dammora

    Bot OOS

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