[Parts] Lead & Steel LBUS Back Up Polymer Sights – $39.95

[Parts] Lead & Steel LBUS Back Up Polymer Sights – $39.95


[Parts] Lead & Steel LBUS Back Up Polymer Sights – $39.95

44 reviews for [Parts] Lead & Steel LBUS Back Up Polymer Sights – $39.95

  1. Sgt_Sodomy

    that you guys’?


    Magpul charged way too much for bits of plastic and a spring because they know they have little competition.

  2. Lead-Steel

    Happy Saturday fellas!

    These are backup sights we make with the same molding company that manufactures our stocks and grips. We wanted to fill the same space as Magpul’s MBUS without sacrificing quality.

    The LBUS aren’t shitty Amazon-tier airsoft garbage. These are fantastic and will definitely fill the backup sights role while reliably holding zero and not breaking the bank.

    Try out a pair!
    Dont forget we have free shipping over $60.

    For those interested, we also have Green Holosuns (507C pistol and 510C rifle) in stock. Both brand new at MAP and open box for way below. Check em out here: https://lead-steel.com/optics/?sort=featured&page=2

  3. Gatecrasher


  4. kxbedopamine

    Put these on three rifle builds recently. Rock solid back ups. Exceptional quality. Not nearly as bulky as MBUS. u/lead-steel has great customer service.
    They also have TONS of other shit in stock. Definitely recommend sending a DM if you’re looking for parts. They either ordered or had everything I needed for three complete builds.

  5. keknom

    Are those made in China or USA?

  6. Stubeezy

    Any chance you’ll be putting out offsets?

  7. -Ghostx69

    Serendipitously had been putting off spending a shit ton of money on backups.


  8. Shady14

    What kind of testing did you guys do on these? I would like to buy some.

  9. cthompson07

    In for a set!

  10. DrKDB

    If they come with stickers I’m in.

  11. TRideJuicebox

    In for two. You’re the man dude, I hope you crush it with these.

  12. followupquestion

    Any chance you’ll do an affordable and quality ambi safety? The Radian one is nice but I can’t swing $45 for every lower I have and I think an ambi safety is almost a necessity even for a righty like me.

  13. jaymassinello

    Trying to order a couple sets of these but I am getting an error. Are they out of stock?

    May just be my credit card company

  14. ThorryThori

    I live near Cbus, do you guys have a store I could pick up at?

  15. victorconcepts

    How do these flip up?

  16. robWrecker2

    In for two but free shipping is not working. Is there a code?

  17. bootsblazing

    If anyone is wondering vender is gtg, posts here regularly and will respond to any questions you may have

  18. TreeWalker9617

    No odg LBUS?

  19. commonsense-is-dead

    In for two! Keep being awesome.

  20. h8meh8ers

    Will you be doing FDE as well? If they stay $40 I’ll probably grab black and FDE if you make them.

  21. wuyang2

    do you sell just the rear sight for those of us using pinned FSBs?

  22. PlacentaDad

    Trying to pick up two sets but when I try to place an order I get an error message.

  23. D4Lon-a-disc

    anyone else unable to check out.

    tried two different cards and it said it was unable to process both.

  24. netballr

    Click wheel on the front, nice.

    Always thought it was crazy to spend big money on BUIS. $40 for not total chinesium, not gucci is a good niche.

  25. paintballerat5

    In for two and that 507K open box.

  26. allister041

    Loved the comments. Fuck it. In for two. 🤘🏽

  27. itsoneofthebifidas

    Sold me on two sets

  28. FannerWix

    luv ur stuff, got the ghost stock with cheek riser very nice.

  29. AZhophead

    Needed some flip up sights for my incoming EP9. Thanks!

  30. theclevelander

    Any open boxes on the 510c-gr?

  31. Isaysillyshit

    In for one! Thanks!


    ❤️ you guys, love the Spectre stock and the stickers 😄

    In for one of these.


  33. Ok-Sir-1360

    In for couple backup sights and ghost stocks. Thanks.

  34. whenpigsfly514

    Super clean and easy site. Ordered the Holosun with the free backup sights! Thanks dude!

  35. Legitimate03

    u/Lead-Steel this guy is amazing! I purchased Yugo mags from him and they came in on time. saved me $50 dollars compared to buying them from zastava and came with free stickers what more can I ask for! I will definitely buy some of these when you have them in FDE. I am sick of spending $80 on MBUS!!!!

  36. PDX_-Mike-_

    Do these have that only button like on a utg site to lower them or just flip them? I bought some on a whim and hate how heavy they are and how weak that little button pin is

  37. KingArthur129

    I needed a few good backups, in for two! Thanks!

  38. SpazFactorial

    Ordered a set.

  39. PearChemical779

    In for one, first purchase on this awesome thread i was introduced too. Everyone here seems cool and very informative

  40. AppStateFooseBall

    I appreciate your interaction with the community! Ordered your Holosun deal last week and got it yesterday.

  41. Chattawoogie

    Well I’m in for a few stickers at least

  42. Actuator-Top

    Thank you!! Picked up 3!

  43. Narwhal-Ordinary

    Alright, I’ll gives these a try.

  44. printmeister

    Anymore of those G22 grips hiding out?

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