[Parts] LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger 1@$99 3@$89/ea 5@79/ea +s/h

[Parts] LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger 1@$99 3@$89/ea 5@79/ea +s/h


[Parts] LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger 1@$99 3@$89/ea 5@79/ea +s/h

44 reviews for [Parts] LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger 1@$99 3@$89/ea 5@79/ea +s/h

  1. rockstar504

    I gotta get off this sub. In for one thanks

  2. spudd4242

    This a pretty good price? I’ve been wanting to upgrade a trigger on my AR, I know larue is highly regarded

  3. indyjoeshmo

    In 4 5


    Last year they had the flats on sale too, looks like its only curved this year.

  5. hard_over

    Per the email:

    It’s OctobARfest and Black Friday … ‘cause I said so. I’m launching a little early this year to let y’all get a jump on the looming Christmas freight / delivery bottleneck.

    Thanks to over 200,000 of y’all, our MBT triggers have become our annual tobacco crop. The trigger shop folks steadily build triggers all year long, handing them off / piling them up, for the November tobacco auction aka Black Friday Sale.

    Week 1 of our LaRue OctobARfest is The MBT – Massively Big Trigger sale !

    We’ve got thousands made and ready for y’all to upgrade a few of the millions of ARs that came from the factory with those nasty, atrocious triggers in ‘em.

    Buy yourself 1 for $99, or get 3 or more for just $89 each, 5 or more for $79. each.

    Thanks for helping put us on the map – the Dead Center of Texas.
    Aim small, hit small,
    Mark LaRue

  6. hard_over

    Influx of resales to GAFS in 3..2..1…

  7. true2ku

    If anyone in NW Houston wants to do a group order, let me know and I’ll order some!

  8. puppiesandpew

    Outstanding. Stock up folks.

  9. siniquezu

    Now when can we get the single stage ones?

  10. bobsburner1

    Seriously! Just bought 2 last week at 118

  11. twizzle916

    In b4 all the “I remember” comments….

  12. Stubeezy

    Y’all got stickers…?

  13. theoldhaunt

    What does everyone like? Curved or straight bow?

  14. RNAguns

    Oof, in for 5. The credit card company is really going to get my boy’s hole. *Ahem* i meant boy’s soul.

  15. MURTEK3

    Sounds like they’ll remain on sale, might be worth it to wait and see what else they offer in the coming weeks to combine shipping 🤷‍♀️

  16. Teufel_hunden0311

    Going to see a lot of these on gafs in a week or so for around $110.

  17. WiseDirt

    Dammit! I just paid full price for one of these last week!

  18. itsoneofthebifidas

    I got a shipping notice in just over an hour so they are in stock and full send.

  19. CaliTexas619

    Also, if you live in the Austin/WilCo area, LaRue ships it for free.

  20. Burz_13

    RIP my wallet and hopes of ever staying on budget.

  21. OfmanyAlts

    Listening to the little voices trying to justify 5, but then Palpatine whispers “why not 10?”

  22. heavy_metal_20

    Anyone purchasing five or more wanna add an extra that I can buy off you? Texas sales tax and shipping always kills Larue’s deals for me.

  23. zazaton

    isn’t this 70 last year?

  24. ZookeepergameFit6680

    Gawddammit I need to get off this sub. In for 1.

  25. iambecomesoil

    Last time I ordered two of these there was no indication on the site that there was any sort of backorder but nothing shipped. After a week I inquired and it was backordered and took about 6 weeks to get out.

    Looks like the posting says they have thousands on hand now.

  26. PandaCatGunner

    I really don’t understand the 2 stage hype, wouldn’t one stage be better for duty and 2 stage for precision?

  27. pigeonwrestler

    Wished I bought few more when they were at $87 😭

  28. j0mmes

    In for 5 thanks OP

  29. Hiimbob44677

    I just bought one off r/GunAccessoriesForSale a week ago for $115🤡

  30. Grand_Cookie

    Lol, I actually do need 3

  31. hard_over

    As OP if someone wants to buy 5 and sell me 1 at that price I won’t be mad 😘

  32. iredditshere

    Dang, no flats?

  33. cycledogg1

    This trigger is well worth the asking price. If you and 5 of your buddies can pick them up for $79 each, that’s a steal 🙂👍🇺🇸

  34. jaykaypeeness

    I have these in all my ARs, Daewoos, anything that will take them. Flat and curved. That was at the 70 dollar for 5 price.

  35. gun0316

    Anyone in North Atlanta wanna go in on a bulk order?

  36. Limp-Quail

    Nashville Tn, who want to order?

  37. iamvzzz

    Are these in stock or are they going to be a wait?

  38. liberate_tutemet

    Hell, I finally got to swapping in one of these this week and with the heavy spring It’s exactly what I was hoping for. I paid $87 for that one on backorder and now I’m probably going in for two more. I hate this sub but I can’t quit it.

  39. Smthrs_excllnt

    Major upgrade over the ALG ACT? Or are they different animals all together.

  40. Fbaez324

    Anyone open to schooling me a bit? Have an M400 Tread rifle and wanted to know if a trigger swap would be relatively simple. Newer to the space but really open to learning, just want to know if something like this would be the wrong way to start getting handy? Might grab 3 just to have some for future purchases

  41. GRA762

    Luv these triggers. They’re second to none. 👍

  42. KatoLee3

    I don’t need it……I don’t need it…..I don’t need it……

  43. ilikepie145

    In for one. Never bought an aftermarket trigger before so I can’t wait to try it.

  44. mmar141

    I think I have a LaRue MBT trigger. (Which is great btw) What’s the difference in the 2s?

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