[Parts] Larue Tactical MBT-2S restock for 2022 | $89 + S/H

[Parts] Larue Tactical MBT-2S restock for 2022 | $89 + S/H


[Parts] Larue Tactical MBT-2S restock for 2022 | $89 + S/H

29 reviews for [Parts] Larue Tactical MBT-2S restock for 2022 | $89 + S/H

  1. Archangelus87

    Great trigger, absolutely worth the price, especially if you want to upgrade from a stock trigger. I don’t know about the SSAE but I have a Hi-Speed National match and I can’t really tell the difference except the match is adjustable and way more expensive.

  2. alpineriflesupply

    Hey guys,

    Lets start your year off on a good note by adding an MBT2s to your christmas gun. Dont forget to add Dillo Dust if you want it 🙂

    Use code ‘**newyearnewparts**’ for $*25 off your order of $200* or more. Limited to first 15 people.

    Aero sale ends today so grab any of those things you think you made need in the near future.

    Please be aware that I may need an extra day or 2 to ship these out on this round. There is always a mass influx and its going to be hard to keep up this week.

    Happy new year to all.


  3. mike2182

    I just pulled mine with my new trigger scale and it broke right at 4.5lbs 10 out of 10 times. My colt trigger broke between 6 and 8 over the same amount of pulls.

  4. MasterMichaelMin

    Good trigger. Good seller. Got mine last week from them. Highly recommend getting it from these guys!

  5. louisianashooter

    I won’t stop until all my triggers are replaced with these. Best trigger for the money. Normally a flat trigger guy but the curved is the way on these. Seller is top notch if your on the fence.

  6. SnooMemesjellies4305

    LaRue is the world’s best bargain in AR triggers…

  7. techchallenge

    I bought a zion 15 12.5 pistol with stock trigger. Is this a good upgrade?

  8. cellularresp

    This or another Geissele SSA-E?

  9. _ODgreen13

    these triggers are gtg

  10. _Reasoned

    In for 1. Thanks OP. First MBT-2, looking forward to seeing what the hype is about

  11. Snabbt

    been waiting for these to pop back up. snagged a pro BCG and AP M4E1 16″ .223 wylde upper as well. Thanks for the deal!

  12. frbastiat2

    In for 1 thanks. Should I replace my LWRC stock trigger with one as well?

  13. greatbobby91

    You’re welcome for this deal, I just bought mine for 99

  14. SeriouslyFrivelous

    Solid retailer. Quick Shipping, quick communication, solid customer service. Cannot ask for a better experience. Trigger at this price is a no-brainer.

  15. jkj2018

    Good deal and good vendor. Buy with confidence

  16. RSG-ZR2

    In for 2. Fantastic triggers.

  17. AnarkeIncarnate

    Of course, right after I plan my first build. Was looking at the Geiselle SD-C but this one may wind up on my list… Just don’t have the money to buy enough of the parts to justify the trigger, just yet.

  18. TheStig111

    Easily the best bang for your buck trigger in the AR world. I have one one everything from my G36 to my AR10.

    Also, great vendor!

  19. tptips420-69

    Any flat faced?

  20. silverlack

    Appreciate it! Just picked up another mbts, shame those coupons were used up or I would have added an aero pro bcg as well. Not exactly something I needed though.

  21. Nogood58

    Seller is G2G and shipping is fast to CA.

  22. _nic_1

    In for my third larue and a bcg. Great price on aero bcg’s if anyone’s looking. Thanks!

  23. yfan

    Wow, I received my two triggers today 😮

  24. Xander_Cain

    Copped one, thanks. I set alerts for all your posts for this specific reason 😂

  25. BeastMaster81

    Wide trigger. Didn’t fit my Tumwater stamped mega lower but does the newer ones. Fits my sionics, BCM, DD, Colt & FN.

  26. [deleted]


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  28. OcelotPrize

    How is this vs stock Aero M5 lower trigger?

  29. RyWat

    Will you ever carry the flat bow?

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