[Parts] Larue MBT-2S Restock for black friday, get for $79 with combo deal, details in comments

[Parts] Larue MBT-2S Restock for black friday, get for $79 with combo deal, details in comments


[Parts] Larue MBT-2S Restock for black friday, get for $79 with combo deal, details in comments

22 reviews for [Parts] Larue MBT-2S Restock for black friday, get for $79 with combo deal, details in comments

  1. grumpy-m0nkey

    Where my flat boiz at

  2. realJaneGoodall

    can’t wait to buy this from a guy on GAFs in a few weeks for 90$

  3. alpineriflesupply

    Hey everyone.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone had a wonderful time with friends and family.

    All the complete uppers on the site are super marked down and if you buy any of them, you can up to 4 larue triggers for $79.

    I also just added Aero Pro series BCGs to the site, so check those out as well. They seem pretty cool but I cannot properly vouch because I have not tried one for myself.

    All handbrakes are $5 off as well.


  4. IAmBrahmus

    This seller is g2g, called with a question and he answered the phone and got me squared away. Had my trigger in hand faster than a lot of places get the order processed.

  5. Existing_Flow7762

    How is this trigger? Thanks

  6. AlmostHonestAbe

    In for another larue from alpine !

  7. Grilled-Watermelon

    All out of cash for this year but ive bookmarked you for the future! Thanks for the sales!!

  8. Summonest

    Pretty much one of the best triggers on the market.

  9. Ryanrealestate

    How do you get it for $79 with the combo? Didn’t see the instructions for that

  10. DrewSC

    Alpine is great! +1.

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  12. Hulasikali_Wala

    In for one, thanks!

  13. dirtyboots702

    Old skool price

  14. Lennyulus

    Ordered one of these from you and shot it for the first time this week. **Absolutely kick ass trigger**, the second stage is about as short and crisp as the trigger on a savage 110. Reset isn’t as aggressive as a milspec but is louder and higher pitched nonetheless. I put the heavier trigger spring in and it’s still quite light and smooth. Only the tiniest amount of grit (basically imperceptible) during the first stage, which really doesn’t matter. Most important thing is the second stage, which is crisp and doesn’t have any overtravel. The trigger shoe also doesn’t have as much of a curve as a standard milspec, which is nice. Be prepared to remove your safety to install it though. Shipping was very fair as well, only five bucks iirc.

    Also, alpine you should totally stock some dead air pyros

  15. jgisbo007

    Got any M5 uppers?

  16. Nogood58

    Dealer is G2G. Fast shipping too.

  17. creedbratt0n

    Holy shit on a shingle. If you have ever thought for a second about trying this trigger, now is the time. I absolutely love mine and this is without a doubt BIN price

  18. Billbaru

    are they ever going to make the 1s again?

  19. 007074

    This or SSA-E?

  20. Cejus1

    In for one trigger.

  21. speezly

    I just bought a g2s yesterday, should I say fuck it and get this as well?

  22. alpineriflesupply

    bot OOS

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