[Parts] Larue MBT-2s In Stock $87

[Parts] Larue MBT-2s In Stock $87


[Parts] Larue MBT-2s In Stock $87

43 reviews for [Parts] Larue MBT-2s In Stock $87

  1. Galahadgao

    I seriously doubt this is in stock. My order with them placed on 4/19 is still showing back ordered.

  2. DrKDB

    “In stock” When I purchased one a month ago… Haven’t seen it yet.

  3. BT803803

    I own a Geissele SSA as well as an MBT-2. The MBT-2 is just as good as the Geissele for half the price.

  4. TheCursedFrogurt

    I absolutely love these triggers, for the price I think they are hard to beat.

  5. danny0wnz

    Ok, possibly wrong link posted. Flat is in stock. I ordered flat a while back which took 2-3 months to arrive (January order). See below.

    I recently (6/1) placed an order for two more flat. On 6/2 I got an expected delivery date of 6/5. It appears flat is in stock and shipping. Two stage.


    Sincerest apologies for anyone who is looking for curved.

  6. johnhd

    I called them last Friday about this, the curved version has a 6-8 week lead time for new orders but the straight was in stock for immediate shipment. I ordered a straight bow and it shipped same day.

  7. FabulaJones

    Do they charge only when they ship?

  8. No_Clue_5473

    Dam I was just thinking of ordering their ultimate uppers. The prices went up. Dam it. Anyone know if it’ll come back down?

  9. AUThePain

    I love these triggers. I have them on all my builds now. Not “drop-in” but the dissconnector is attached already and if you’ve ever built a lower you’ll know that aligning the trigger and dissconnector with the pin is the hardest part about the trigger, so this makes it easier. Not to mention the smooth pull of the trigger.

  10. gebsmith

    The MBT-2s is not in stock. LaRue doesn’t show live inventory on most items.

    Their AR15 lower IS in stock. I ordered one on Sunday and received it yesterday.

  11. cafemike05

    Mine has been backordered since March.

  12. 47milesbarbwire

    There is a thread on [AR15.com](https://AR15.com) where people report order dates and when they actually receive the item. The curved triggers seems to be running 6-8 weeks as others have said.

  13. [deleted]


  14. Donjaymanly

    How is the 1s? I’m not familiar with two stage triggers and might get 1 of each. Is there better options for single stage in this price range?

  15. rollpi

    In for one.

    Edit: Just saw the comments about shipping times for curved vs flat. I’ve never used a flat trigger before, but decided why not just try it. Called them up and the lady switched my order in under a minute.

  16. danny0wnz

    More of an in stock alert, but ordered two and they shipped next day. Should be here this weekend.

    I know it doesn’t happen often, Enjoy!

  17. TitleII

    I waited over 3 months for my “in-stock” trigger. I don’t expect to buy from them anymore.

  18. AleksanderSuave

    For anyone curious…my buddy ordered one a few days ago and was notified it was actually backordered. The phone call took place yesterday afternoon so pretty current, for what it’s worth.

    The flat blow triggers are actually in stock, curved are not.

    He was quoted a 10 week lead time before they actually receive any of the curved bow triggers, that’s before they can even process them to ship.

    TLDR you can order them just don’t expect them to ship anytime soon.

  19. jackrabbit08

    Triggers are great but FUCK LARUE for saying their triggers are in stock on their website and then when you call to ask where it is they say 8-10 week lead time. That’s bullshit customer service and unacceptable. If you’re going to allow customers to buy the trigger on your website, at least put a god damn note under “add to cart” that says 8-10 week lead on shipping.

  20. bryube

    My order from beginning of March is still on back order. (Curved for reference)
    Was told 10+ week lead time a few weeks ago when I inquired.

  21. DeanofDean101

    FWIW I ordered a flat when it was in stock and a day or so after order placement got a notification it was reassigned to back order. Got a 2.5 month lead time and it came much sooner. To add to that, I ordered another flat a week or so after that order arrived and everything went terrifically.

    I think they received more orders faster than expected. Their communication was great through the process though.

  22. Blade_Shot24

    Wait so what’s y’all thoughts on the Curved vs Flat?

    Who prefers 2st vs 1st?

  23. PinkyShin08

    [Crank them out faster, LaRue!!! ](https://youtu.be/t9JXffvZ74k)


    If you have $90 to spend to increase the performance of your AR, the best thing would be $90 worth of range time and ammo.

    This is the second best hands down. Amazing trigger I almost felt bad putting one in my Dad’s AR because it’ll ruin any other AR he tries to shoot lol.

  25. asauceman

    Was quoted 10weeks right now for the curved trigger

  26. wiscogunslinger

    Ordered a flat yesterday when I saw the post. Just got charged and shipping notice now.

  27. azfeels

    Will never order anything from la rue again. They rely way too much on “Murica” to let them float by with bad service. Funny how if it was any other business they would be blacklisted by now on here but because of blind patriotism this place goes on

  28. Intrepid_Masquerade

    Eh. These aren’t really worth the squeeze imo. Heard the love from everyone here, so grabbed one a while back off Leroy Jenkins (great vendor) and I finally installed it. I’m just not impressed. I Grabbed a few more G2S triggers from Primary for 115 on their memorial sale. Midwest Optics, another Reddit vendor (great vendor) has these often in stock for 140 shipped. When I can, I’ll be taking this one out and selling on GAFS and adding a G trigger. Bill does stupid pointless shit but his triggers simply are the best. I guess if you haven’t played with G Triggers these are phenomenal vs mil spec but night and day difference even with G’s lower end offerings. I say save the coin and go be a G snob like myself.

  29. steverulez666

    I want that single stage!!!

  30. scottmbach

    They don’t communicate. I ordered a green MRO and mount and a MBT. All went through fine. Nothing…crickets. I finally emailed and was basically told that not in stock a d expected 10 weeks at least to come in, and if I wanted a partial order I would be charged to ship each one.
    I hate poor communication and the fact that no “back order” or “OOS” was shown on order or website before I pulled the trigger.
    I have likely ordered 8-10 optic/mount combos and triggers and other goods over the years from them but likely won’t again.

  31. drgreenthumb12372

    sent it, i know how it always shows in stock but if theres a chance it ships tomorrow this will be lit.

  32. mmar141

    These are great for the price. Love mine.

  33. siniquezu

    Still waiting in the single stage flat

  34. KeithJamesB

    In stock? Wow, don’t think I’ve ever seen them in stock. Love my straight.

  35. whyintheworldamihere

    Still waiting on mine from April…

  36. xenophonthethird

    I have a curved MB2 in my AR10 build. Very nice trigger.

  37. jewski_brewski

    This is an amazing trigger, but I had to buy a used one since the backorder is so long.

  38. saint19191420

    Gets out blowtorch to bend flat face lol

  39. Bobathaar

    in stock is a very loosely defined concept over at larue 🙂 It’s a great trigger though for the price.

    I recommend ordering and then calling in to make sure it’s really in stock… if not, they’re generally good about letting you just cancel if you don’t want to wait.

  40. Synapse7777

    I ordered this a week ago and got a backorder notice 2 days ago.

  41. wangowezz

    I have a curved mbt from 5 years ago and another from 2 years ago. I have to say that the older one is noticeable better and lighter. Is this just regular wearing in or did they change their manufacturing process? I’m pretty sure I haven’t shot the old one enough to significantly change any angles (maybe a few thousand rounds of 9/.22/5.56). It feels better than an SSA-E while the newer one feels about the same or a little worse.

  42. _nic_1

    Got one for my next build. Bought one off gafs recently and love it. Insane what an improvement it is over my stock trigger without totally breaking the bank

  43. GNUtoReddit

    So, based on all of the comments about which one is better and in stock, one can assume one or the other is preferred…. AND at least maybe one is in stock? lol

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