[Parts] Larue MBT-2S final restock for christmas $89, holiday blowout deals in comments

[Parts] Larue MBT-2S final restock for christmas $89, holiday blowout deals in comments


[Parts] Larue MBT-2S final restock for christmas $89, holiday blowout deals in comments

24 reviews for [Parts] Larue MBT-2S final restock for christmas $89, holiday blowout deals in comments

  1. _ODgreen13

    bought one recent from OP, fast shipping, good to go

  2. meowm35

    Solid seller.

  3. alpineriflesupply

    **Edit: I didn’t expect these to sell out today, please sign up for in stock notifications so I can gauge interest on another batch!**

    Hey guys.

    The first 10 of you to make an order over $200 can use coupon code ‘happyholiday’ for $25 off your order!

    ****Everything on the site** is on sale!** Just add the items to your cart to see the discount codes automatically applied at checkout. The complete uppers are $40 – $60 off listed price when added to cart.

    *At this time I highly recommend selecting UPS ground* or better as the postal service is starting to slow down or lose packages! The postal service has also issued a deadline of Dec 15th if you want guaranteed delivery before xmas.

    This is going to be the last restock I do of the MBT2S for the year. Id like to continue this next year but who knows when Larue will run out or when you all will have enough of these.

  4. bjjcripple

    Mbt for $94 shipped to CA , now my 15 is finally complete (I swear)

    Thx op

  5. DeafEcho

    And they’re back… In for a couple. Thanks!

  6. TallBike3

    I got these for my AR rifle. The two-stage trigger improved my accuracy significantly. It is in my opinion the easiest upgrade for the least cost.

  7. captstix

    These are just my go to AR triggers now. Definitely worth the money.

  8. Grand-Phase-7129

    Any flat bow available with this deal?

  9. thunder0811

    Just want to say i have 3 of these triggers and i am really happy with them.

  10. kefefs

    How do these compare to Geissele triggers? I’ve been using an SD-E for a while but everyone seems to love these and they’re less than half the price.

  11. nappingcollapsnik

    Here I thought I was done buying for the season… I should know better. In for one!

  12. john_t_fisherman

    Thanks, in for one. Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ„

  13. jason200911

    huh it’s out of stock. When you say final restock does that mean they will never get more for quite a long time? Also shipping it is +5 on the 89

  14. Nogood58

    Seller is GTG and fast shipping!

  15. thethrowaway07261989

    Does this fit into a Aero Precision M5E1 lower?

  16. asianmaddmess

    Perfect timing for my build!

    In for one, thanks OP πŸ™πŸΌ

  17. Freedom-Forever

    Love these! Current build just got one of its final pieces!

  18. baileyperry707

    How do I put in a different shipping address that isn’t my billing address?

  19. ChilesIsAwesome


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  21. mr_buildmore

    Will this vendor continue to stock these at this price into the new year?

  22. Ted_From_Accounting

    is the weight listed to weight of the item itself or the trigger pull weight? I’m looking for pull weight

  23. Archangelus87

    One of the best AR upgrades at a great price.

  24. FartStankPoop

    Damn I might have to cop

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