[Parts] Knights Armament Ambi Magazine Release Kit – $61.74 + shipping

[Parts] Knights Armament Ambi Magazine Release Kit – $61.74 + shipping


[Parts] Knights Armament Ambi Magazine Release Kit – $61.74 + shipping

13 reviews for [Parts] Knights Armament Ambi Magazine Release Kit – $61.74 + shipping

  1. Ammo_Cat

    If I put this on an Anderson lower will it be gucci then?

  2. stingerzing

    Love this thing. Recommend you add the forward controls extra power magazine spring as it can be prone to accidentally trip when slung.

  3. NorCalRT

    This with a Geissele MBC is magic for lefties

  4. blatantlyoblivion


  5. skinnyblacktie69

    How can they even justify the price for this…. and you people that bought it, why?

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  7. Crackpipe1

    Back in stock after a long while

  8. Crackpipe1

    Tax for TX orders

  9. nortlid

    Can this be used with different mag release buttons?

  10. KlutzyPickle

    How is this compared to the Norgon?

  11. Contortrix69

    Put this on a M&P 15 and it was a little sticky. Then I tried a UTG on an anderson lower and it was honestly a lot smoother and I dont get why the part that cost half as much felt better to use. Maybe there was some roughness on my M&P or KAC part or something.

  12. Spare_Change_Agent

    I really wish I could buy the cold weather button separately.

  13. 86gwrhino

    this or the ke arms one?

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