[Parts] JP Silent Capture Spring $122

[Parts] JP Silent Capture Spring $122


[Parts] JP Silent Capture Spring $122

18 reviews for [Parts] JP Silent Capture Spring $122

  1. cybersushi

    141.22 including tax and shipping to WA

    Joebob has it free ship + no tax for 134.95


  2. tommyle05

    Damn I love these

  3. netchemica

    [JP SCS](https://youtu.be/ql4X7vV1Xl0) compared to the [Geissele Super42](https://youtu.be/Uk_U7O0M3aU) and the [Armaspec SRS](https://youtu.be/kOHeECtyylc)

  4. jbbob21

    These are worth every penny especially if you’re shooting suppressed. Won’t ever run another capture spring again.

  5. aclark210

    Do they make these in a rifle length?

  6. fnh184

    GWACS Lower, PRI Mk12 Mod 0 upper, JP capture spring. Profit.

  7. KimJongMakeEmSayUn

    [In stock for $122.07 ***shipped*** @ Optics Planet](https://www.opticsplanet.com/jp-enterprises-gen-2-silent-captured-buffer-spring-system.html) w/ code `HONEY`, if you’ve purchased before, you can submit a product review for anything in your purchase history for an instant 7% off coupon making it $119.50.

  8. crogers528

    Anyone tried these compared to a giessele super 42? Had a regular spring in my 300 blk suppressed build and it was so loud changed to the super 42 and it’s like night and day but I wonder if this would be even better ??

  9. Albodan

    What’s this for?

  10. DeadbeatPillow1

    How many rounds do these last?

  11. DonnieDarko2864212

    In for 1. Is a buffer spring needed? If so,flat wire or super 42?

  12. BobbyBigGulp

    How would this be on a 14.5 that’s suppressed? Not sure whether to go this route or just do a flat wire spring.

  13. 901savvy

    Or you can get TWO Armaspec SRS for the same price and have enough left over for a box or two of ammo.

  14. gumby36psi

    theyve been a good seller before but seems like theyre in the middle of the move to east coast, it took almost 2 weeks to ship some radian talons recently for me

  15. ajtyeh

    Is this for ar10? (Building 308 ar10 22 inch hybrid barrel)

  16. wacoked

    Can I use this with a VLTOR 6 position AR10 tube?

    That’s what I’m currently running on my 11.5 with an A5H2

  17. llsmithll


  18. LuckyBuilder69

    Bot OOS

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