[Parts] JP Enterprises gen 2 silent capture spring for AR15 – $113

[Parts] JP Enterprises gen 2 silent capture spring for AR15 – $113


[Parts] JP Enterprises gen 2 silent capture spring for AR15 – $113

13 reviews for [Parts] JP Enterprises gen 2 silent capture spring for AR15 – $113

  1. uhkayus

    Besides this, what else can be done to stop that spring rattle when shooting?

  2. there_is-no-spoon

    This the one they suggest for kp 15?

  3. DrPsychOut

    Pair this with a cryptic coatings BCG and Radian CH and the gun will rack itself.

  4. jesuriah

    Thanks OP

  5. BatteredWamen

    Would this work well with a 14.5″ bcm?

  6. Brainoad78

    I never even hear anything like such with ear protection…I think money is better spent doing something else to it.

  7. LordOfMorgor

    Damn. I am expecting 2 in the mail today at normal price. And I ordered straight off of JP website lol!

  8. ClandestineArms

    My JP SCS is many rounds deep on 2 or 3 builds.

    Over all, it is the best buffer system if you pair it with other high end goods. If you throw an SCS in a bootleg buffer tube that shit with go screeerrruhhhhh w some galling homie

  9. tPervy

    I have some armspec versions and dont like them since they have a heavier spring compared to the stock spring leading to more effort needed to rack slide and more gas to cycle thus more recoil.

    Does anyone know if the jp version do the same requiring more gas to run, and more of a pull on the charging handle to rack compared to a stock spring?

  10. AnalogCyborg

    The Armaspec version for less than half the price

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  12. DrewDinDin

    Tell me I don’t need this without telling me I don’t need one of these.

  13. guyfake

    I for one, like the twang. You can hear when the bolt locks back

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