[PARTS] Johnny Glocks Triggers 15%off- 170$ Code- BFCM15

[PARTS] Johnny Glocks Triggers 15%off- 170$ Code- BFCM15


[PARTS] Johnny Glocks Triggers 15%off- 170$ Code- BFCM15

12 reviews for [PARTS] Johnny Glocks Triggers 15%off- 170$ Code- BFCM15

  1. gebsmith

    I bought a Johnny Glock trigger and striker for my 43x. Cost $300. I can BARELY tell a difference from the stock trigger. I had a friend bring his stock 43x over and we did a blind comparison with 9 gun owners. Most people couldn’t tell a difference and those who actually made a guess were wrong about 50% of the time.

  2. BrambleVale3

    I’m scared if I buy one of these I’ll have to buy like fucking 8 more…

  3. Overpowernamerino

    Got a Timney alpha with JG combat conversion. Absolutely amazing carry trigger with thick wall

  4. meowm35

    These are the triggers all the facebook group retards rave about.

  5. thegenericchen

    Bought one, sold it. Wasn’t super impressed. These were one of the first “custom” triggers that mostly appealed to competitive shooters, especially in the production class.

    There are simply many more options today.

  6. DanTalent

    So which one is it? Total waste or amazing?

  7. Mc_squawk_box

    Damnit I don’t wanna spend money but was literally looking at paying full price yesterday 😩

  8. ConsistentMud2140

    My glock 34 g5 has one. I absolutely hate it. Apparently the break for g5 is different than the older gens but I have to literally pull it all the way back and jerk the trigger. I verified its installed properly and have had 3 smiths look at it. No one knows why but its awful. When I asked Johnny about it he said its normal on the G5. He seemed nice and responded quickly but I wouldn’t say it’s any good for G5’s.

  9. Humble_Rough

    If you’re into Glocks or P80’s, JG is a wealth of information on his yt channel. I’m biased Bc I’ve watched a ton of his videos that helped me understand, diagnose, & mod striker fired pistols. My impression is that he is very passionate about what he does & essentially gives away how to DIY his triggers in his videos so the prices are fair since it’s a ton of reprofiling, sanding, polishing that he does and also tests. He also comes off as an approachable guy should you have any issues with his products, contact him. Take this from someone who isn’t affiliated with him nor owns his trigger.

  10. mr_rob_grey

    is this good for 19 gen 5? what’s difference between combat and competitive? is it worth getting the extra upgrade, striker, etc?

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  12. xxBEELZEBOBxx

    Bought one for my 43x. Great trigger, crisp wall, clean reset. But now going a different route with my next edc so probably gonna sell my Johnny glock combat evolution trigger package

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