[Parts] JMAC RRD 2C 24F X37 $124.95

[Parts] JMAC RRD 2C 24F X37 $124.95


[Parts] JMAC RRD 2C 24F X37 $124.95

4 reviews for [Parts] JMAC RRD 2C 24F X37 $124.95

  1. friedchickenwaffles

    Will this allow a wolverine to mount over it?? They mention the wolverine specifically in the description about facemount something or other.

  2. Mauser-Nut91

    That’s a lot of letters and numbers

  3. Ok_Understanding1612

    ZZ PGR RRC 145 XD9er

  4. rafelos1337

    Thanks for posting this, I didn’t get the in stock notification. Now I can put my Rex on my 74.

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