[Parts] (In stock) Zastava M70 scope mount $109.99 + S/H

[Parts] (In stock) Zastava M70 scope mount $109.99 + S/H


[Parts] (In stock) Zastava M70 scope mount $109.99 + S/H

17 reviews for [Parts] (In stock) Zastava M70 scope mount $109.99 + S/H


    God bless you finally in for one

  2. Lucasa65

    I get that the RS Regulate is nicer and all around better, but this ought to do well for most new AK users. On that note, in for one!

  3. NewCollectorr

    $14.99 flat rate shipping. Comes out to $124.98

  4. hal2000

    Just so you know, this does not play nice with the folding triangle stock.

  5. FishGolfBeer

    Fucking finally

  6. KingKulak

    Did we ever confirm if these are indeed rebranded UTG rails?

  7. ATK42

    Snagged one 😎 Zastava is coming next week

  8. thatantidote

    Should I keep my Midwest Industries scope mount or get this and return that?

  9. -LemonShapedRock-

    Would this work for a red dot or is it meant specifically for a scope?

  10. gorillaz3648

    Best optics to put on these?

  11. Zere4561

    Got one about 2 months ago, holds zero but isn’t centered above the receiver/dust cover. May be best to wait for RS regulate mounts or opt for the Ultimak gas tube.

  12. Downfall_of_Numenor

    For those wondering, the RS regulate mount has a better fit and finish

  13. Gatecrasher

    Out of stock, not there.

    It had to have come in and out in under 45 minutes

  14. ItinerantBanana

    I have one of these and its nice but I would ask the rest of the sub a question:

    A friend of mine is of thenposition that a perfectly serviceable AK rail is an item that could be 3d printed. I didnt have a good argument against them other than if plastic worked we would see it already.

    Anyone know some other cons for plastic ak rails?

  15. Screwedstonian

    I’m on here entirely too much as well haha. I also can usually find anything (I’m stubborn AF). I also can’t find the damn lower RS mount for the life of me either. I did find the RS upper mount needed for the PA GLX prism. I’m locked in now ugh.

  16. nationalspice

    Still in stock

  17. Round_Ad_1449

    Somewhat new to AK, but wondering if any of these rails will cowitness with a Romeo 5. I bought this one and it doesn’t even with the low mount on my m70.

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