[Parts] In-stock: Radian Raptor M&P 15-22 Combo w/ Talon – $84.95

[Parts] In-stock: Radian Raptor M&P 15-22 Combo w/ Talon – $84.95


[Parts] In-stock: Radian Raptor M&P 15-22 Combo w/ Talon – $84.95

12 reviews for [Parts] In-stock: Radian Raptor M&P 15-22 Combo w/ Talon – $84.95

  1. bleedbreakdowns

    Been searching for a while for this set. Also added another Talon set for my AR15 build and they discounted my cart $8.99.

    **NOTE: This set is for the S&W M&P 15-22 rifle ONLY.**

    Another NOTE: Site made me checkout 4 times before it actually bit and took my money. Dunno if it was lagged with people trying to get this set or what the deal was. I did NOT get a email notification it was in stock, I was just randomly checking.

  2. Last_Replacement

    I have this set and it’s great. Handle is an optional upgrade IMO but the squishy factory safety needs the upgrade.

  3. Individual_Fox_9690

    Looks like the Radian site is struggling to process orders at the moment.

  4. Jcarter1632

    Good luck getting your products.

  5. SupaMegaBen

    I had issue processing payment as well or it would time out. It gave me an order number so I emailed them, hopefully it saves one for me.

  6. [deleted]


  7. TuckinPhypo

    For when you want the strongest part of your gun to be a handle you use once every trip to the range.

  8. mentosfresh

    This work with a dedicated 22 upper build?

  9. homeskilled12

    Bot oos

  10. Dasbewt123

    OOS you heathens. Luckily picked up a lower from them last week though.

  11. Yeen_North

    Been on the look out for these for at least 6 months. Since I’ve started shooting 22, I’ll get good use out of these upgrades.

  12. wrath162

    Dear Radian,

    Please make a raptor for the Tippmann m4-22.


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