[parts] IN STOCK NOTICE Shield Arms S15 – Electroless Nickel $45+shipping

[parts] IN STOCK NOTICE Shield Arms S15 – Electroless Nickel $45+shipping


[parts] IN STOCK NOTICE Shield Arms S15 – Electroless Nickel $45+shipping

8 reviews for [parts] IN STOCK NOTICE Shield Arms S15 – Electroless Nickel $45+shipping

  1. jacegarfieldisabitch

    Shiny and chrome

  2. DenveRox

    I’ve got ~400 rds through my 43X with the Shield Arms Mag Release and mags with zero issues. I only put 14 rounds in my two 15rd magazines and 19rounds in the 20rd magazine.

  3. specter491

    I wish Glock would just come out with a mag of 12-15 rounds for the 43X. I can’t trust my life to third party mags, especially with so many reports of reliability issues. And on top of that, you have to change the mag release which means you can’t/shouldn’t use Glock OEM mags anymore

  4. LuckyBuilder69

    If I had a 43x I wouldn’t buy one of these things until they get all the kinks worked out. A buddy of mine has been having nothing but problems with his since he installed it. He’s using their steel mag catch and doing everything else he’s supposed to and it’s basically made it to where his oem magazines won’t function properly and he’s still having issues. Now it’s failing to lock back on an empty magazine. He’s bringing it over tomorrow for me to look at and see if I can make sense of it.

  5. Kahamu


    Pretty good review on the Shield Arms mags by Sage Dynamics. I’ve put about 600 rounds through mine with no issues. Being able to carry something smaller than a Glock 19 with the same capacity is just awesome.

  6. southsider2021

    Gen 2 🤮

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  8. drwa236

    Anyone know of non sig p365 mags?

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