[PARTS] (In Stock Alert) Zenitco PT-5 Black, Jungle Green, and Golden Khaki $360

[PARTS] (In Stock Alert) Zenitco PT-5 Black, Jungle Green, and Golden Khaki $360


[PARTS] (In Stock Alert) Zenitco PT-5 Black, Jungle Green, and Golden Khaki $360

18 reviews for [PARTS] (In Stock Alert) Zenitco PT-5 Black, Jungle Green, and Golden Khaki $360

  1. MetzBlaze

    Need this one for Gunsmiff pt. ∆

  2. TokyoBJJ

    FYI for people buying from ivan. Stuff is sitting in customs hell right now for a long time, so be warned

  3. Minimum_Government

    Be aware, this is the one for fixed stock trunions.

  4. baijiu5000

    Is zenitco stuff expected to get effected by any possible soon to be sanctions?

  5. The_Boogalorian

    I did not include shipping in the title price due to location differences but mine was 379.55 shipped to GA

  6. fakeScotsman

    Out of curiosity, has anyone bought from zenitco’s “new” website? How was it in comparison to Ivan?

  7. Aubdasi

    Wish I could get zenitco stuff for yugo

  8. M11Nine

    Anyone know if this will fit a Fox/Beryl fixed trunnion? Bonus question: I’m assuming you’d have to dremel the stock a bit to fit with the Beryl tab, right?

  9. onecrazyginger

    3 gold left in stock. Black and green oos already

  10. vicinadp

    Are the reason these are so expensive like a lot of zenitco stuff because importation is limited?

  11. PandaCatGunner

    I love zenit and I love green, but does anyone else think its too shiny?

  12. Boss958

    I ordered a flash-can from Ivan on Dec 3rd, offically received it Jan 18th. It came with a hand written thank you, a magnet and a set of stickers. Definitely using the buisness in the future, but its best to order and forget.

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  14. blakebake

    What’s the model number for the folding stock trunnion version?

  15. Cicaduhhh

    All colors now oos

  16. GodKronos

    bot oos

  17. Takemepoqhs


  18. Davidtm237

    Thought these got banned for import in the us?

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