[Parts] Holosun 510c riser – $15.99 + ship/tax

[Parts] Holosun 510c riser – $15.99 + ship/tax


[Parts] Holosun 510c riser – $15.99 + ship/tax

10 reviews for [Parts] Holosun 510c riser – $15.99 + ship/tax

  1. NeighborhoodWarlord

    The 510c should honestly just come with the riser in the box.

  2. governman

    Seems like a big shipment of these must have hit the major retailers. I got a notification that my old order was going to be shipping and they’re currently listed as in-stock.

  3. ShawesomeElite

    Oof. 8.50 for shipping

  4. edgie168


  5. dataSniffer


    Got one and a sealing kit for rmr to be. Hope I don’t get raped by optics planet

  6. [deleted]


  7. bkfit

    Just get a FAST unity riser…

  8. DrKDB

    Noice. In for a pair.

  9. xKiggz

    These are unobtainium, thanks op

  10. The_Gregory

    In for three, finally

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