[Parts] HK51K .308 5.3″ barrel flashbang $124.95

[Parts] HK51K .308 5.3″ barrel flashbang $124.95


[Parts] HK51K .308 5.3″ barrel flashbang $124.95

21 reviews for [Parts] HK51K .308 5.3″ barrel flashbang $124.95

  1. aalderete2017

    Put a muzzle brake on it, shoot it once in an indoor range, have whole range to yourself.

  2. Chulgo

    In the words of Dr. Ian Malcom:

    Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

  3. Figdudeton

    .308 out of a 5 inch barrel? Damn…

  4. mroblivian

    If you put a flash enhancer how big can the fire balls get?

  5. mightjustbearobot


  6. firearms_wtf


  7. Cpafail

    Give em the good ol 9 banger

  8. chahahc

    I wonder…If you pin and welded a horn to the end of this, would you basically have an aimable flashbang?

  9. spinn3

    The irony is my tinnitus is acting up. The other irony is that it’s at least mostly not firearms related.

  10. HarietTubesock

    Would throwing 308 bullets by hand offer better ballistics ?

  11. 2alife

    I don’t know anything about the barrel, but +1 for the title.

  12. DontTakeMyNoise

  13. fullautophx


  14. kamalas_camel_toe

    Warning: This device is known to cause hearing loss to you and the next 2 generations of your offspring

  15. CraaZero


  16. JTM0990

    Why on earth would you pay for tinnitus?

  17. AlligatorBlowjob


  18. unclekisser

    serious question: is there any practical reason for this existing or are these just for range-toys?

  19. exoclipse

    That’s an awfully efficient way to turn gunpowder into noise and fire.

  20. killacarnitas1209

    I guess you can go shoot it in the backyard, this time of the year, and no one will think nothing of it with all of the firework mortars and M-1000’s that people have been setting off all night, and day sometimes, since the past month.

  21. Brad0319

    Has anyone bought this/ tried it? Lol I’m looking for a 7.5” but this looks fun too

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