[parts] H&K VP9L Optic ready slide kit $399.99

[parts] H&K VP9L Optic ready slide kit $399.99


[parts] H&K VP9L Optic ready slide kit $399.99

10 reviews for [parts] H&K VP9L Optic ready slide kit $399.99

  1. BenderVsGossamer

    208 and ammoshop absolutely been killing it the last couple of months.

  2. SideEyedPate

    Damn I knew I should’ve grabbed one at my lgs yesterday lol. They were $340 before tax so like $375 out the door.

  3. MURTEK3

    I feel sorry for the poor souls who paid $700+ before the VP9L was released AND still had to get the slide milled. Sorry, poor souls.

  4. nix__

    PSA same price [https://palmettostatearmory.com/hk-vp9l-optics-ready-tall-sights-slide-kit-51001081.html](https://palmettostatearmory.com/hk-vp9l-optics-ready-tall-sights-slide-kit-51001081.html)

  5. beezenants73

    Damn, I paid 500 for this, law of supply and demand I guess.

  6. BrambleVale3

    Just one in stock.

  7. rhesb

    Will this work on a vp40 frame? Just need mags then?

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  9. beetbear

    can anyone find a vp9 frame in stock?

  10. Tyrannosaurus_Dex

    Would this fit on a p30L?

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