[parts] Hide your shame with the Strike Industries KeyMod Cover $5 plus ship/tax

[parts] Hide your shame with the Strike Industries KeyMod Cover $5 plus ship/tax


[parts] Hide your shame with the Strike Industries KeyMod Cover $5 plus ship/tax

26 reviews for [parts] Hide your shame with the Strike Industries KeyMod Cover $5 plus ship/tax

  1. TerribleOneT1

    Keymod isn’t that bad. I use it to hang shelves and plastic clocks sometimes.

  2. LikeaCarlton

    Will these work on my bedframe?

  3. NyJosh

    Upvote for title alone. I’m still giggling.

  4. gumby36psi

    Si bolt catch is legit

    Fight me

  5. MetzBlaze

    Why is everyone saying this is shameful? I get they dickmod is garbage, but SI? Did I miss something…?

  6. Biggie313

    ITT people who don’t know why anyone hates SI, and people who hate SI for silly reasons.

  7. drthsideous

    I’ve got a SI j-comp muzzle device I love. Probably use it on the rest of my builds as well. Perfect balance of flash suppression and compensator. I also have one of their reflex exo skeleton for one of my vortex red dots. No comaints there either. Also, they are one of the few companies making them. Only two products of theirs I own, but both perform as intended and I’ve had no issues.

  8. Average_Bad_Wolf

    Hide your shame with *more* shame?

  9. tspoon-99

    Apparently I’m the clueless one who needs an explanation about why Strike Industries induces shame?

    Also, is keymod shameful? Magpul won that face off so thoroughly?

  10. captstix

    Dickmod fo’ lyfe!

  11. JethroFire

    Keymod is going to come back any day now…

  12. Clifton1979

    I’d rather sport Dickmod than Strike Industries on my rig

  13. Taste_Fickle

    Haha, you win best title award. If I had a keymod rail I would buy them just because of the title. Thanks for the laugh OP.

  14. 39UL

    Well I like their adjustable detent dust cover doors and also their G43 mag extensions.

  15. _jB_

    Does this come in pleb red?

  16. Kev762x51

    I always thought that, you could get the less desirable penis-mod and cover it with insets .

    I could see girls at a bachelorette party all running Keymod rifles. Open carry.g

  17. Cru4y


  18. Bobathaar

    I could be wrong but I think SI products bring shame… not so much hide it.

  19. Cobra__Commander

    Is anyone making new keymod handguards or is keymod on the path to obsolete?

  20. Styx3791


  21. biggwermm


  22. all_the_right_moves

    Strike AR parts are a lot like anime: oddly angular and melodramatic asian adaptations of an originally western concept, lots of people abhor it, some people like it way too much, but most people have one or two bits that they really like, and to those with discerning taste it will enhance their experience overall.

  23. HiThisIsTheATF

    “Hide your shame….”

    *alright following so far*

    “…buy strike industries”


  24. dickmod4life

    No shame in my game

  25. craigcraig420

    For real. When I needed a rail for my 308 AR platform back many years ago it was still Betamax vs VHS with rail systems. Unfortunately I went with Keymod, like an idiot, and now I can’t find an equivalent mlok rail at a decent price to save my life.

  26. cjd3

    I’d rather have Dick-mod than Strike Anything

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