[Parts] HBPDW Honey Badger brace for standard AR receivers (Black) – $254.99 w/ code GUNFUNNY15

[Parts] HBPDW Honey Badger brace for standard AR receivers (Black) – $254.99 w/ code GUNFUNNY15


[Parts] HBPDW Honey Badger brace for standard AR receivers (Black) – $254.99 w/ code GUNFUNNY15

25 reviews for [Parts] HBPDW Honey Badger brace for standard AR receivers (Black) – $254.99 w/ code GUNFUNNY15

  1. twilightpanda

    I really want to try this, but don’t need a brace (lower is SBR’d already) and would love to have more info. Wondering if they’re going to put out a non-proptietary stock down the road too

  2. FlawlessCowboy

    It’s cool, but I don’t know if it’s that cool.

  3. KimJongMakeEmSayUn


    * This finally happened! Just launched.
    * Use code `GUNFUNNY15` for discount!
    * Only black is available at this time. Gray is coming soon.
    * This is **not** proprietary! *It will fit your* ***standard*** *AR receiver!*
    * Available in both 5.56/300 and 9MM.

  4. Overpowernamerino

    imagine able to afford a 300blk honey badger

  5. lowb_da9

    I don’t see the appeal. It really doesn’t get that short.

  6. TheSchweez

    Surely this isn’t Q unloading inventory to potential suckers in the anticipation of a ban. Surely not.

  7. AAA_Game

    The more money than sense special

  8. xeroxedfool

    Damn, should I?

  9. MrSelfDestructXX

    I’ve been waiting *forever* for them to release this. Now that they have, I’m wondering how soon after I buy it the atf will ban braces on pistols.

    My question: Does anyone know if this is shorter than a SBA3?

    The other SBPDW stock they have is the same standard length as a regular tube, negating any functional reason for buying one.

  10. JPD232

    Spending $250 on a brace right now is like spending $100 on a horse drawn buggy in 1925.

  11. cdholmes92

    Almost picked one up, but I think I’m going to wait for the gray.

  12. gkjhgkjh

    I guess sig mcx is a better choice compare to honey badger….fold stock so way shorter

  13. ArtNo6950

    Thanks, OP. With this code and Mil discount, total came down 35%.

  14. GNUtoReddit

    What’s the difference between this and the SBPDW?

    This or Law Tac. Folder?

  15. Sneaky-Beaky-Ninja

    Very tempted with this as I’m about to try a Honey Badger inspired build. Gonna hold off until I get the current build done and my card back in check

  16. ForgeLT

    SBA3 with law folder vs this for a 9” .300 blk build. Hmmmm

  17. Rude-Garbage-4003


  18. bkjoe5

    Damm, where’s the 308 version?

  19. CallMeShwayze

    *The AFT has entered the chat*

  20. lcperrier

    Yeah wait. I could pay $200 for a tax stamp and buy a $50 stock. It is nice though

  21. Duo007

    Wonder if this will work for a pws rifle chambered in 7.62×39

  22. SeattleReaderTiny

    At this price…no hurry unload inventory I see.

  23. madkaw99

    My question was gonna be does the 9mm work on a AR chambered in. 556/300blk like what’s the difference ?

  24. cmorgan2481

    I don’t understand these braces, the cheek weld is stuck forward, and tiny, absolutely useless to me. Why would you use this shit?

  25. StuxnetKaos

    Stupid question, but would the 9mm version of this brace fit the Scorpion pistol?

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