[Parts] Goon-17 – $420 – 80P Builder

[Parts] Goon-17 – $420 – 80P Builder


[Parts] Goon-17 – $420 – 80P Builder

25 reviews for [Parts] Goon-17 – $420 – 80P Builder

  1. Guns_n_boobs

    If I buy 10 kits do I get raided or do they? Fuck it. I got no dogs to be shot.

  2. TacticalChannelCat


  3. No_Creativity

    I just bought a glock 17 on Wednesday, I don’t really need another one, do I?

  4. sliderack

    I’m going to superglue my wallet shut. So many deals surfacing now.

  5. stumpy1218

    Can i get it at the same price but it’s 69% complete instead of 80

  6. Dicktures

    How are these parts kits? Are 80p parts kits any good

    Edit: without serious sales , is there any reason not to buy a kit from 80p? You can’t build one for cheaper than they sell entire kits for

  7. grahamcrackerninja

    Dis a good deal.

  8. ThunderousBandit

    Damn I want this. Do they ship to WA? Can’t find anything on their site

  9. unspoken_arrangement

    Isn’t this equivalent to p80 selling the “buy, build, shoot kits” that got them in trouble with the AFT last year? Just curious because it seems like lots of retailers have gone back to bundling.

  10. Art_VanDeLaigh

    This is it chief

  11. alphajpk

    Seems like a pretty good deal. Just get it all at once. Right?

  12. SgtRinzler

    Damn. If I was in the market this seems stellar

  13. TheChance916

    So what is needed to complete this?? Cuz I’m in for a FDE MODEL

  14. SillyBilly36

    Does this come with the red layout guide or do we need our own?

  15. minor_minority

    Dang this is a good deal right?

  16. CRAV8R

    in for a FDE version! sucks about shipping and tax but still good deal

  17. huntrun1

    In for one
    Hope they are GTG!

  18. paper_killa

    What was included in the $420 kit. Link is dead, the $370 Goon with a LPK is $420. Did it include the magwell or frame?

  19. Comrade_Belinski

    These guys are slow as a snail but GTG otherwise

  20. ya_boy_gator

    Do you have to be 21 to buy these?

  21. VaeVictis88

    The link gave me a 404 error. What’s a Goon 17? I assume an 80% Glock clone.

  22. Sandman_96

    Bot OOS

  23. [deleted]


  24. GrimmaRobin

    Do we need FFL for this?

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