[parts] glock19 kit 240$

[parts] glock19 kit 240$


[parts] glock19 kit 240$

13 reviews for [parts] glock19 kit 240$

  1. MagicBeardMan86

    STARTING at $240. Add $50 for a non-OEM lower parts kit.

  2. Biggie313

    Not a bad deal if you want RMR cut. The non-OEM parts aren’t worth $50.

  3. paper_killa

    The 80p builder kits that are same price ($239) are a better value, variety of custom slides with rmr mounts, plate included, more barrel choices, choices of suppressor height sights, availability of tin parts, etc.

  4. ginjaninja3223

    $300 for this kit with a threaded barrel and an LPK, not a screaming deal like Black Friday but definitely a good one if you missed those. That said I’d avoid the Polymer80 branded LPK like the plague

  5. alex-lexa

    Alpha EDC sounds like better deal.
    I believe they have better quality product than MDX.

    They don’t have g19 but they do have g17 & g26.[https://www.alphashootingsports.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=G17EDCV1NITSCS_s](https://www.alphashootingsports.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=G17EDCV1NITSCS_s)[https://www.alphashootingsports.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=G26EDCV1NITSCS_HOLIDAY](https://www.alphashootingsports.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=G26EDCV1NITSCS_HOLIDAY)

  6. DogFacedPOS

    Bought same one in March, with $50 lpk it totaled 370. The slide is pretty decent, not may favorite piece but functions great. The slide didn’t include the rmr plate, apparently it’s extra $20 or so. This was the only set that didn’t included it. Would buy this but again

  7. _HottoDogu_

    I’m peeping that Combat19 slide they have on sale for $10 more because I’m a sucker for barrel cutouts. Anyone know if the slides parts are billet or not from these guys? My first guess is no.

  8. FlawlessCowboy

    Anything for a 17L slide?

  9. joes-diaper-is-full

    Who makes a good non OEM lower parts kit?

  10. Flimsy-Willingness-7

    For anyone wondering, MDX is good to go. I built a g17 completely from them a couple years ago, and only added a ghost 3.5 trigger kit, and oem extractor. Nothing was wrong with the extractor or trigger components, I just upgraded the trigger for preference and the extractor for good measure. So far, it has cycled 4K rounds flawlessly and continues to hit pie plates from 50yds away. The slide has worn some of the bronze cerakote off from draw drills and normal wear, but I have nothing but good things to say about MDX. I would highly recommend for anyone.

  11. BeastOnDem

    First time posting here. No frame or jig, but exactly what I was looking for. Very excited for it to arrive!

  12. superkuper

    It seems like the only precut slides are for RMRs, I have a spare Burris FF3 that I’m trying to find a use for.

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