[PARTS] Glock 19 TiN blem barrel $49

[PARTS] Glock 19 TiN blem barrel $49


[PARTS] Glock 19 TiN blem barrel $49

15 reviews for [PARTS] Glock 19 TiN blem barrel $49

  1. NPSgator

  2. roostersnuffed

    So I decided to make p80s builds for every spare barrel that I own that sleeps cold at night.

    This will have me bankrupt.

  3. Heeeeyyouguuuuys

    Aim fucking rules

  4. mjisdagoat23

    Man If I could just find an affordable glock 22 9mm Conversion Barrel. I’d be good. The prices jumped like crazy after the Pandemic and ghost gun debacle.

  5. GassyGlock

    for anyone looking, I’ve ordered several Aim blems before and couldn’t find the blem at all. Plus it was going on a Glock so who cares if it DID have a blem?

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  7. kevrend

    G17 and 34 had a different locking block design. Now they’re all the same on gen 5.

  8. Psychological-Drive4

    These fit a Gen 5?

  9. dirtyboots702

    Why is their shipping so PA 2018

  10. Thefungi12

    Why so cheap? Even regular ones are $80

  11. Representative-Gap57

    Got one. Recommend any rmr cut slides to go with the tin barrel? Thank you

  12. NYState_OfMind_

    Would this fit a gen 3 slide?

  13. DrKDB

    Dammit might have to get this for another p80 frame I have sitting around.

  14. bojangles522

    Will this fit a pf940cl?

  15. KingUzzo

    Interchangeable with gen 3 glock 23?

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