[PARTS] G34 Optics Ready Complete Slide $253.99

[PARTS] G34 Optics Ready Complete Slide $253.99


[PARTS] G34 Optics Ready Complete Slide $253.99

10 reviews for [PARTS] G34 Optics Ready Complete Slide $253.99

  1. Birbandsnek

    This seems like a killer deal. What’s the catch? Anyone else use this kit before?

  2. TheShadowuFear

    80pbuilder is g2g. Closest to oem imo

  3. iamacannibal

    The Glock 17 one is the same price


  4. Choledocholoco

    It’s been a couple of years since I’ve ordered from them, but at the time, they were reasonably quick shipping. $12 shipping and $2 fees, but it is a red dot ready glock 34 slide

  5. superkuper

    It doesn’t say what optic it’s cut for, I assume RMR? Is there an option for Vortex/Burris?

  6. prose-yose

    Will this work on a Glock 17 Gen 5 frame?

  7. B600

    $274.15 after tax/ship/fees to TX

  8. PaperPigGolf

    I don’t see the point of having a glock 34 length slide and barrel with an optic that provides an infinite sight radius.

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  10. superkuper

    Should I go with this one or the one from Spinta? I trust Spinta more but this is already optics cut.

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